[Vid] CNBLUE – 2nd Album Release Live ~392~ @ Yokohama Arena


CNBLUE2nd Album Release Live ~392~ @ YOKOHAMA ARENA

Release Date: 2011/12/28
Format: DVD ISO
Picture Format: NTSC
Language: Japanese
Duration: 2.2 hrs

Track List

01 Intro
02 The Way part2~Ready N Go~
03 Now or Never
04 voice
05 ひとりぼっち [I’m a Loner)
06 直感 (Intuition)
07 Love
08 The Way part3~eclipse~
09 Don’t say goodbye
10 Y,Why…
12 Love Revolution
13 Try again,Smile again
14 Teardrops in the rain
15 Man in front of the mirror
16 Illusion
17 Coward
18 Lie
19 Just Please
20 The Way part1~one time~
21 I don’t know why
22 Kimio


23 Let’s Go Crazy
24 愛光 (Sarang Bit/Rock Ver.)
25 In My Head
26 a.ri.ga.tou.

**Attention: As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you**

DLbutton_revamp-Blue**Please support the artist by purchasing their music and merchandise**

I posted the audio for this DVD concert here and now after receiving a TON of requests, I’m posting the full DVD rip for you all to enjoy! I have gotten a lot of thank you’s from my readers/ followers who tell me that they would LOVE to purchase CNBLUE merchandise, especially their concert DVD‘s but cannot due to either not being able to afford to or not being able to get the stuff through customs which I understand can be costly as well and sometimes cost more than the item itself! Still we have to continue to support CNBLUE by purchasing whatever we can buy whether its a song or single album or by visiting FNC ENT. Store. You can also visit CNBLUESTORM’s Ways to Support Link for more info. ღღღღ

With that said, I mentioned before and I’ll say it again, I FREAKING LOVE this concert for all the reasons I mentioned in my last post! For a refresher, here’s what I said:

“This concert is so special to me. I know I say that I love all their concerts and I freaking do, but I just LOVE watching this one so much! The visuals of the editing is just perfect, the coloring, the stage, the camera work, the CNBLUE…hehe! ALL these elements come together to make the perfect blend of harmonious visuals and EARGASM! **that’s one of my favorite words to describe CNBLUE‘s music, forgive me if I use it a lot!**

But there really isn’t a better word to use to elaborate on the literal goosebumps I get when i hear Yonghwa’ voice. Jonghyun with his beautiful baritone and his guitar strumming makes me want to cry when he sings, ‘Teardrops…“, just makes me so emotional. My favorite song from this particular  concert is ‘The Way part3~eclipse~ ‘, the song is normally beautiful but this version includes a guitar solo by Yonghwa that he DOES NOT perform any other time and it is utterly transfixing! I have to replay it over and over at least a few times just to take it all into my senses, its so perfect! And of course, there’s a ROCK version of ‘Love Light‘ that was first heard during this concert as well! I also included all the ‘Talk Session‘ cuts as separate tracks so there are 32 tracks in all!”


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you want to download**

Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

81 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE – 2nd Album Release Live ~392~ @ Yokohama Arena

  1. Hello Mari! I hope I’m not bothering you with this but I was downloading this concert and the download has suddenly stopped at 99.8 o__o it’s been 3 days like that and I dunno why, there are peers connected and sometimes I see seeds but the file won’t download and I dunno why =( I hope you can help me out
    And I hope you got to go the CNBlue’s concert over the US! If you did go, hope you had an awesome night =)

      • quit the torrent as in removing?? pressing that red ‘X’ on utorrent??? I want to make sure before I do something I might regret XD thank you for answering so fast ^^!

        • Lol try this first, close your torrent client and find the file in your download folder or whenever you are saving it to. Open the file with VLC or whatever player you use and test it. It should play just fine. Then you can delete the torrent since it’s not going to seed. Try it and let me know what happens ok!?

          • Alright. Well I tried that but it wasn’t working sadly so I will start the download again =)
            Thank you so much for answering my questions and also thank you for all of the files you have uploaded! ^^

          • Oh I’m really sorry! I don’t think you will have to restart the entire download, just resume where you were. Maybe it was stuck because there weren’t any seeders? I’m seeding it right now so hopefully it will start up again ^^. You’re welcome & thanks for visiting <33

          • Well I saw that there were seeds at that moment but for some reason the file wasn’t finishing downloading, I’ll start again right now =) tell you how it goes afterwards. I just couldn’t restart the download because I was busy due to the Blue Moon concert in my country, since they’ve already left now I have time now so like I said, I will tell you how it goes =)
            Thank you for this wonderful blog (by the way is the torrent for CNBlue’s In my head Winter tour working? because I tried to download it and there were like 3 seeds but it wouldn’t download o.o)

          • You’re welcome! The files should work as long as ppl seed them. Torrents make it easier for me to share the files, especially the large ones that would take me forever to upload and for you to download. Unfortunately, if no one seeds the files then it slows down your download. I try to seed all day so you should be ok. If the files stop, the best thing to do is close your client and restart it to push your connection. It could also be the limits to your country’s internet connections.

  2. hello….i tried downloading 392 Yokohoma but i got stuck @ 99.8%. Please help.
    BTW thank you for all your awesome cnblue collection. dont worry im still saving money coz i really i want to also buy the original DVDs. thanks again

  3. Hi Mari!
    You have an awesome site! Thanks for sharing with us! And at last, I found the 392 concert. However, I’m not a techie, still learning and trying and searching… hahaha! Anyway, found your site and hope it’s okay for me to download the 392 concert vid…your yes will definitely help me to learn how to do the download, hahaha! More power! Your new-not-techie friend 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Mari! I see your response^^, you are very kind, I understand your situation, don´t worry. Hopefully your computer repaired soon, and yes, I’ll wait for it and enjoy the concert of the boys,I will be attentive to the page, thank you so much, greetings!! n-n

  5. Hi! I’m having problems with the server Rapidgator.The download cancels. I downloaded the other files but I need the files 007,008 and 018 on DepositFiles.Can you help me, please? And congratulations on the job. I love this site and I’m here every day. Thank you! *—*

    • Thank you do much for visiting often, I love to hear that ppl like what I’m doing here :))). I’ll check to see what’s going on with the links ASAP! I’ll probably need to upload new parts so I’ll updated the links right away! Thank you for your patience!!

    • Hey, I updated the links you specified! Pls refresh the tiny paste link and redownload the new links! Let me know if you need anything else! Also, another quick way to contact me is on twitter so make sure to follow me there! Thank you!

    • Click the picture that says download and copy / paste the password from the post to the pw field…. Then copy / paste the links into your browser, the page will load, if you need to input the PW again, do it! Then select which dl mirror you want to use!

    • The password is working just fine! How are you using it? Because I just tested it and it unlocked the tinypaste post plus the download pages as well! I tried it on three different links! Is there one particular link that’s not working for you?

      Please copy/ paste the PW into the field you need to unlock!

      • Hi..Password won’t work for links 007 and 008. For 009, it worked. I’ll update later if there are additional links with password issue.
        Anyhow, THANK YOU so much for being such a blessing!

        • So that means you cant access them right? Shit, well I can’t load those links because site I used to upload mirrorcreator has blocked my IP address….dammit! The only way to get around that would be for me to reupload those links…Please let me know if any other links dont work ^^ Thanks for the heads up

  6. mari~ i love you~ ♥♥♥ you posted this faster than i expected. 😀 can i request for the pw as well? thanks! ♥

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