*Updated*[News] CNBLUE Excites Fans with ‘Come On’ PV & Album Info

CNBLUE amazed fans recently with their surprise release of a 30 second MV teaser for their newest single ‘Come On’ and on July 5th, they released the full PV for the song.

The music video teaser along with album jacket covers for their upcoming 3rd major Japanese single album titled, ‘Come On’ were released on July 2nd 2012. The teaser and is jam packed with ROCK flavor and colorful visuals. CNBLUE members display a very manly image with a heavy punk rock feel in their latest video that hasn’t been shown before which is much to the excitement of their supporters. Fans were caught off guard by the teaser update made by Warner Japan since there was no advanced notice about the PV teaser prior to being released and were highly anticipating the release of the full PV which was released just a few hours ago.

Tracks on the single will include ‘Come On‘, ‘Wake Up’ and ‘My Miracle’ along with the instrumental version of ‘Come On’ and is set to be in stores on August 1st. The album features tracks self-composed and written by lead guitarist Lee Jonghyun and lead vocalist Jung Yonghwa respectively and will be available in 3 different versions: a limited edition CD+DVD (also will include a 44-page photo booklet and a mini-poster foldout), regular edition CD and 2 CD Lawson edition.

1. Come on

Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
Japanese translated lyric by Kenji Tamai
Music by Lee Jong Hyun

2. Wake up

Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
Music by Ryo, Jung Yong Hwa

3. My Miracle

Lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa
Music by Ryo, Lee Jong Hyun

4. Come on (Instrumental)

‘Come on’ Music Video
‘Come on’ Special Feature

1. Come on
2. Wake up
3. My Miracle
4. Come on (Instrumental)

I’m so glad I pre-ordered the LE version although when I did, I didn’t realize it would also include a mini poster along with the 44page book! Awesome!! **Come on August 1st, hurry up so I can get ‘Come On’ shipped to me!** I still cannot express how excited I was to see this teaser and to now see the jacket cover and also CANNOT wait to see the full MV! OMG when that MV is finally released, you may hear me doing my best impression of a fan-girl orchestra squealing at the top of my lungs so if you do, it’s just Mari, hehe!

**NOTE** I posted the full HD PV here for you to DL included HD Screen Caps!!**

**Featured on KpopStarz.com on behalf of CNBLUESTORM**

written & posted by: Mari @cnbstorm/colormecnblue

Source: warnermusicjapan, CNBLUE.jp


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