[Trans] Kang Minhyuk Interview @ Vogue Girl July Issue: ‘Isnt He Lovely’

Vogue Girl July Issue Interview w/ Minhyuk:

Isn’t He Lovely?

Minhyuk confessed that when he was in Junior High school, because of a girl he liked, he would mingle with the girls and play the stones games with them. He was too devoted to his ex-girlfriend to point that his friends tried to stop him. But at the end, he pouted and said he did not think so. Is this man lovely?

VG: Heard that you have camera phobia? How are you are lately?

MH: I still have the fear. It’s much easy if the shooting is for still photos. But I still have the fear with the video camera. When I first started shooting for the drama, my heart was beating very fast, and I even let the people on the set feel it.

VG: when you’re doing photo shooting, do you prefer any particular posture or facial expression? Or which facial expression is the most handsome?

MH: I don’t have any particular expression or gesture. But there is one I like to do. Its an expression with both eyebrows shaping in different ‘heights’.

VG: In today’s shooting, is there any particular outfit you like the most? Is there any one you think is not suitable for you?

MH: I like the white color suit and the outfit I wear for the CP shooting. But those really short shorts are very uncomfortable to wear, to the point that I will hide behind the wall whenever there is a break. Also the kind that the artistic people like to wear is a little bit…

VG: Right. Hear that members do not like JH’s “bread cap” pose.

MH: Right. Really don’t like it, (laughs)

VG: About the girls’ fashion nowadays, do you have any particular style that you don’t like?

MH: Don’t like to see them wear clothes that are not suitable for them. I think I’m not suitable to wear leather clothing’s. If I wanted to look handsome and went out dressed in leather with a whole bunch of strange necklaces and bracelets, I wouldn’t like it even if I was a girl. I can accept the style of girls wearing black with rivets. On the basis, if they put more emphasis on showing their sexy beauty…(VG: seems to not like the too outrageous styles?) Yes! I don’t like girls who reveal too much skin. I am the type that doesn’t like too revealing clothes.

VG: The model that is shooting with you today is only 16 years old. What did you do when you were 16?

MH: I was merely studying until Junior high school.

VG: When was your first love?

MH: The first time I liked a girl I was in elementary school. But my first love was in high school, freshman. The girl that I liked lived in the same area as I was. We were very good together. It was more interesting playing with her than the boys. We always played the stone game together. (VG: Stone game?) She seemed to like that game very much, so we were always playing together. Always surrounded by a group of girls to play the stones game.

VG: Surprise to hear that you were not popular during schools days. With such a handsome appearance, what might be the problem?

MH: I didn’t understand girls at that time. I didn’t get their hints either.

VG: In the drama ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’, Cha Sekwang is a man who understands women. Did you learn from the character while filming the drama?

MH: In the beginning when I was reading the script, I was surprised to see the part about Sekwang paying the bill. And bringing two cards that were exactly the same, in the decisive moment, used the care with the damaged magnetic strip, and the girl had to pay in the end. I still do not have any determination to be close to a girl.

VG: Is it about learning the secret to blackmail girls? (laughs)? Your dating with Mal Sook in the drama, is there anything similar you want to do with your girlfriend?

MH: I like to follow the feelings and slowly accumulate it. But its also very easy to lose it. If I have a girl I like, I will surely be very good to her.

VG: Do you think it that way? Do you think your ex-girlfriend will agree to what you just said?

MH: But my ex-girlfriend was not satisfied with what I did for here. At that time, people told me that it would be too tiring for me if I treated her too well.

VG: It seems that you are the type that will often contact each other?

MH: I’m not the type that will always haunt you and let you feel annoyed. I will also prepare gifts. If she were in a bad mood, I would give her Vita.  (After he carelessly mentioned the product name, he then carefully looked at the editor.) I will buy her the drink and then stay with her. As compared to “powerful” gift, I think the best way is to keep her company when she’s not happy.

VG: The name CNBLUE is made up of the first letter of each word “CODE NAME BURNING, LOVELY, UNTOUCHABLE, EMOTIONAL“, In there you represent “lovely”, have you thought of separating yourself from the lovely image?

MH: This needs to be judged by the people who look. Generally, the first thing people will say when they see me is that I look good when I smile…(VG, laughing in a very exaggerated way,) I didn’t say that myself, it’s the representatives’ and our members, they said that. Our members will say something like that no matter where we are.

VG: “This needs to be judged by the people who look”, You seem to say this sentence quite often. CNBLUE is a band or Idol group? You probably use the same answer to this kind of question. In fact, you can use your own personality and directly persuade others?

MH: Very boring! (Laughs), In fact I think it’s more comfortable to let the people freely think about it. I think it;s funny if we must say, “Please think of us as a band”, Sooner or later,  we can prove to them that we are a band. (VG: This looks like comparing to, “Already said we’re a band”). My personality has always been like that. But if I feel the need, I will immediately seize the opportunity and will never miss the chance.

VG: A the drummer of the band, it’s a position that gets the least attention. During your activities, have you ever felt unhappy because of the lack of attention or awareness?

MH: I never felt unhappy because of this reason. We believe that we are most handsome when each of us is doing his best in his own position. (VG: Did you ever think of having a solo part and practice separately in order to overwhelm the main rhythm?)

MH: I don’t like this kind of stunts. I just immersed myself in the performance, and the fans wild find us very handsome in this way.

VG: MH has received a lot of attention lately. even without special introduction, as the drummer of CNBLUE, many people know MH.

MH: Probably because not too many people knew that I’m a member of CNBLUE before (laughs). But this is, of course, a very happy thing.

VG: How did you get selected to cast as the role of Cha Sekwang?

MH: When I had the meeting with the director, only the role of Cha Yoon Hee’s brother was confirmed, and the other castings were not known at the time. I was selected because they felt that I should be able to show a more diversified look for the role.

VG: How did you feel when you saw your first scene?

MH: My heart is like “shit!” (laughs) My first scene was in a night club. I simply didn’t have any experience as I never been to a nightclub before. I didn’t know what kind of atmosphere it was, and didn’t have enough self confidence. So they way I acted in that scene was kind of embarrassing. VG: So that scene in the worst? MH: Right.

VG: Do you have a scene that you like the most?

MH: It’s the jobbing scene, the racing scene. Sekwang lost the race and tied his sport shirt around the waist of Mal Sook. This scene was famous as it was followed by a line saying that she shouldn’t wear such short shorts to run. Among all the scenes he did with Mal Sook, this is the best scene.

VG: Since JH is acting as ‘Colin’ in another drama, “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, will you and JH supervise each other?

MH: I wouldn’t let JH hyung watch it even if he wanted to. He would say “Why? its’ pretty good?” Then I would happily ask him, “is it right? Is it really great?”  While watching JH hyung’s TV drama together, we would say things like “This part is quite good, That part is not that good!”

VG: If we let you go for the audition of the role of ‘Colin’, what do you think? (VG feels that each has taken in the rile that suited him.)

MH: I think so too. (laughs)

VG: After you decided to cast as Cha Sekwang, did you do any special preparation for this role?

MH: First of all, I started to do exercise. When I was acting in “Heartstrings”, my thin body suited the  role. But it does not work for Sekwang. I wanted to learn swimming but unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance. Ah, I also watch some sad movies.

VG: If you watch the movie ‘Five Hundred Days of Summer’ …

MH: I have downloaded this movie to my iPad!

VG: I’m sorry for interrupting. In the movie, the woman fell in love with the man who was reading the same book as her in the coffee shop. When you’re in love, do you think it is important to have the same interest?

MH: I think you can become much more closer to each other if you have common interest.

VG: Heard that you like, Guillaume Musso’s books. Did you ever have a thought that you might be able to fall in love with the girl you encountered reading his book in a particular situation?

MH: It’s a good thing if we can create resonates. If there is not resonates between us, there is no feeling. By reading Guillaume Musso’s book, I understand more about the different standpoints of men and women. So when I read, there are times that I’ll feel like “Ah”. I have the thoughts that it’ll be good to have this kind of hidden love.

VG: You have been saying that you want to meet a girl who is similar to you? Specifically, what kind of girl are you looking for? Lovely girls? (laughs)

MH: No. I like the type of girls that will be thankful and touched even with insignificant things. The best is to have someone who will only look at me. I am the type of guy that will only look at one person!

VG: Since you starred as Cha Sekwang, everyone says that MH has turned into a bad boy. But to be honest, I really don’t know whether Sekwang is really a bad person.

MH: I’m sorry(?) I also think it is a pity. I felt it could have been worse. Originally, my personality is relatively kind of stiff. I’m very straightforward and will say whatever I want to say. this is obviously very similar to Sekwang but failed to show in the drama.

VG: It’s a pity. Just like the drama has ended?

MH: If I can act better in the emotional changes, I should be able to become more involved int eh dialogue between us. I’m saying the unconscious change of feelings. Like Sekwang was provoking Mal Sook all along, and at the end, he liked her.

VG: By the way, in the building which was not that tall, Sekwang and Mal Sook ended up not seeing each other.

MH: That’s right. I’m looking forward to the part where Sekwang finally met Mal Sook. What will happen then? You can see it very soon.

VG: After your debut, you have been involved in a few dramas and a movie. When you choose your next acting role, will you accept a good part even if the role might be damaging to your image? Or feel that you are not in any position to be too picky in choosing your role?

MH: Definitely not. No matter what, I want to try different roles. As long as I can totally immerse myself into the role, it will be a good experience for me. I don’t worry at all, but my company will worry (laughs)

VG: Looking forward to it. We have to end today’s interview now!

MH: Really? Enough? Are you satisfied with my answers?

I’m so glad that Jessica@CNBLUE4u was able to translate this interview featured in the July Issue of the Korean Vogue Girl, if you want to see the scans for this shoot, please click here!!

I really enjoyed reading this interview, It really gives the reader as sense of better knowing Minhyuk’s insight on how he views relationships and his career both in music and with acting! I’m proud of his and how he’s handling his solo fame, no big ego anywhere near this guy for sure! He’s just so humble and a true gentleman, any girl who ends up with our Minnie is going to be a very lucky girl!


Source:  CNBLUE4u

Trans: Jessica @CNBLUE4u.com

 Edited & Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue


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  1. wow his acting was cute in heartstrings as well as in my husband got a family ur acting was awesome especially Yeo Joon Hee character i watched tat series many times and felt touched by ur character

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