[News | Pic] 120630 Lee ‘Colin’ Jonghyun Is Thankful @ ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Official BTS


The character “Colin” from SBS weekend drama special “A Gentleman’s Dignity” has been getting a lot of attention from the viewers. Recently, the official photos of CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun who plays “Colin” in the drama had been released.

SBS weekend drama special “A Gentleman’s Dignity” has hit the 20% mark in viewers ratings (20.3% national ratings according to AGB-Nielsen) and is gaining its momentum every week.


The achievement is due to the perfect harmony among all the characters in the drama which is an appeal that cannot be missed. The colorful blend of actors which include senior actors like as Jang Donggeun, Kim Haneul, Kim Sooro, Kim Minjong, Lee Jonghyuk , Yoon Seah, Kim Jungnan and Yun Jini have all showed great performances as well as Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE. They have shown great teamwork so far.

In last week’s episode, CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun left a big impression with his fluent Japanese in one of the scenes. However this should not come as a surprise because Lee Jonghyun has been living in Japan prior to his debut in Korea. That experience has helped him a lot in speaking Japanese.


“I’m very honored to be able to work together with such great seniors in this drama. Since it’s an honor to work together with them, I think I’m still lacking (as an actor) and I want to show them the best that I can” said Lee Jonghyun. He continued, “I consulted a Japanese instructor and prepared that scene with my Japanese coach one by one. However, I think I didn’t deliver very well in that scene. I will work harder. ‘Colin will show his best!’”

Lee Jonghyun who made his first attempt in drama acting expressed his gratitude towards his co-star and senior actor Kim Minjong for his thoughtfulness and considerations by saying, “I’m very thankful to senior Kim Minjong for always looking out for me when it comes to acting. He’s always giving me one-to-one advice, so I’m really touched by his thoughtfulness which is a vast as the sea.”

He then added, “Once, I was in Japan for an event under CNBLUE and it was during AGD filming and to make the matter worse, the flight back was delayed. Senior Kim Minjong said not to worry and just hurry back as he would do whatever he can in my place. His thoughtfulness and consideration to me made me feel so grateful. I don’t know how to thank him.”


Meanwhile, in the 11th episode of “A Gentleman’s Dignity” scheduled to broadcast on June 30, Colin (Lee Jonghyun) who has been looking for his real father will finally meet Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong).

The mystery that is wrapped around the 19-year-old ‘Colin’ was unveiled as he was searching for his real father in his homeland. He has met Im Meahri (Yun Jini) a lot of times and is scheduled to meet  Choi Yoon (Kim Minjong) face to face soon.

SBS’ “A Gentleman’s Dignity” is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 9.50 p.m.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHOW! I can’t say that enough! Even though I would so love it if ‘Colin‘ had more parts, I’m sure there will be soon but dammmmit, these writers really know how to keep the viewer in suspense!! Please please let ‘Colin‘ be on screen more! He’s just so sdfadslkadgjadfk cool and OMG he looks good in all of his scenes! Wouldn’t it be funny if Im Meahri were his aunt?? LOL  I haven’t been this investing in having to watch a show in a long time, can’t wait to see this weekends episodes for sure, will you be watching??


Source: Star Today (1), @JUL_nuna
Rough Translation by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

 Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

7 thoughts on “[News | Pic] 120630 Lee ‘Colin’ Jonghyun Is Thankful @ ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Official BTS

    • Hehe, he’s a special guy for sure!! He’s my bias too =P LOL my bad, I said JH was my bias thinking I was commenting on another post….OOOOPPS!! haaha!! Yonghwa, how can I do that to you baby??? lol

        • Lol what did I say? Of course Yonghwa is my bias!!! OMG NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! Hehe but I have to support all members! I don’t believe in just focusing on one because he’s my fave, you know? I stand by all my boys! And since JH was my first bias, I still hold a little flame for him too… But it’s nothing like the massive bonfire that burns for YONG lol

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