[Vid] CNBLUE MTV Unplugged Complete Performance DVD

CNBLUE – MTV Unplugged DVD

Release Date: 2012/06/27
Format: DVD ISO
Language: Japanese


1. Let’s Go Crazy
2. Now or Never
3. Mr.KIA (Know It All)
4. Try again,Smile again
5. Rain of Blessing
6. Teardrops in the rain
7. Y,Why…
8. In My Head
9. I don’t know why
10. kimio
11. The Way part 1~one time~
12. a.ri.ga.tou.

**Files Updated w/ DVD Torrent**


As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you!!

DLbutton_revamp-Pink**Please support the artist by purchasing their music and merchandise**

Excerpt from YesAsia:

Established in 1989, MTV’s Unplugged series features musicians performing with only instruments that are not electronically amplified, giving them a chance to offer their fans fresh interpretations of their music. Past Unplugged musicians includes Eric Clapton, Nirvana, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, as well as Japanese artists like Utada Hikaru, Hirai Ken, and Chage and Aska. Now, CNBlue becomes the first Korean artists to join that distinguished list with their own Unplugged concert! Performed at the Billboard Live Tokyo, the CNBlue Unplugged concert features 12 CNBlue Japanese-language songs rearranged for the series’ special musical style.

**CNBLUE boys,  I wanted to say something to you as a whole! I can’t say enough how much I admire and respect you for all you have done to get to where you are and you still move forward and I know you will get to the top of where you want to be! It will happen because you all want it and that makes me proud to stand behind you and be your BOICE!

Yonghwa-sshi, please continue to make music, this is what you were meant to do. To inspire feelings and emotions in your fans with your heart and your voice! You inspire me with your lyrics and your melodies and I in turn want to follow you wherever life takes you…thank you for writing my favorite  song ‘Y,Why’, and for sharing your sad love. I can’t tell you enough how your music moves me. Thank you for this Unplugged performance!**

Once again, this performance is so good, I am simply out of ways to express how emotional it made me! All I can say is that this is definitely a MUST SEE/ MUST BUY for all music fans but especially for BOICE! Every member has a chance to shine but the two stand outs are Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun for their AMAZING vocals and equally amazing guitar skills! I loved this performance more knowing that with this event, they made history being the first Korean music group to play on MTV Unplugged Japan. If you’re looking for the special CD that was released with this DVD, please click here!


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you want to download**


Source: kite @codenamekitePosted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

86 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE MTV Unplugged Complete Performance DVD

  1. I am new to CNBlue. Really love their voice. I didn’t realize how old this post is. However, I still want to ask if this file is still available. thanks

  2. realised i’ve yet to watch this! really love the boys’ live performances, especially this kind!
    thank you so much for sharing ♥

  3. Hello! I’m downloading it now and yes like you said the dl speed is slow^^ I’m from the Philippines. I’m sooo excited to finally have a copy of this… I’ll be patient!^^ Thanks btw!

  4. Bonjour Mari!
    I thought that I had this concert and I realised I just watched it once on Youtube and I want ALL concerts saved in my computer. In fact, I want ALL things about CNBlue saved in my computer! ;o)
    Is that possible for you to convert the many files into one torrent? I can’t access to them, an add is blocking me.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Have a nice day!

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  6. I love this DVD!!! It’s one of those CNB releases that I hold so dear to me!! It’s so beautiful and the performance is just perfection! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve cried over listening the new arrangement of Y, Why… it get’s me everytime… made me fall in love with Yonghwa so hard, once again, maybe for the millionth time!!! ❤ I love CNB…

    • OMG I agree sooo much! Y,Why is the most special song to me because it’s my #1 favorite CNB song so when I first heard that version, I literally geared up and hit replay like 5 times before I could continue with the rest of the performance! I love Yonghwa so much but his voice and emotions have to be just two reasons why I do! He’s so special to me!! *beware of mushy Noona*

      • FileFactory shows this message:”This file is only available to Premium Members. It is larger than the free download limit of 500 MB.
        To access this file, you will to need to upgrade to FileFactory Premium. ”

        Are the files that you uploaded over 500MB?
        The last one, no.007 could be downloaded as the size was 327MB.

        It’s weird but it’s true ! Pls, help me, Mari !!!

        • WOW they must’ve change their policies or something cuz lots of ppl were able to download from there and the files are all 800mb except the last one! OK so just download the one file you can and I’ll work to try to get the rest uploaded today! Right now its almost 11:30 my time just be patient!! thank you for letting me know hun!!

  7. OMG. i didn’t know you already uploaded the ISO file. i shall be downloading it now. ♥ thank you mari~ ♥

  8. thanks so much for the links!!!
    i thought they just performed 5 songs until i found your post here….. thank you so much for sharing this with other boice!! ^___________^
    I also really love y, why!!! its really daebak.. and i hope they will perform ‘eclipse’ in unplugged version.

    • You’re welcome! Yes that’s the entire DVD so there’s a BTS clip included as well! This performance is my favorite of them all, they are awesome all the time bit this one, is special! Y,Why is my favorite some too!

    • Hey girly girl!! how you be?? lol! Wow, i havent talked to you in forever! You can have whatever you want =P…btw did you leave a request for something? I just got a request from a Christine! I just sent you the PW…yo, email me sometime ^^

  9. thank you for sharing this. aand, congratulation for the affiliation with cnbluestorm.com. Hearing it makes me feel that we, boice, are soooo close

    • Thank you Luv! I am really happy to be affiliated with CNBSTORM, and also now part of their staff!! We BOICE are close and we have to keep it that way right? We all share one common bond and that is our love for these guys, CNBLUE!!!

    • You’re very welcome! Hopefully I can share the full ISO File soon!

      Hahaha all of us fans feel the same way!! And we have to get ready for the new releases now *sigh*. But I’m excited!

  10. Thanks a lot dear for the video! I still waiting for my copy to be shipped to Singapore so in the time, I can watch this first!<3 You preordered "Come On" LE already? I haven't done so yet! HAHA! I am going to preorder it soon~

  11. is this copy from the youtube channel? XD or much more clearer? 😀 and yet i want the download password! kekekeke

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