[Site News] Thank You to all My Friends & Readers


It took a while to get their attention about this matter but I finally got some justice! KpopStarz‘s Contents Developer contacted me and addressed the credit issues making sure that they would link back on all the posts on their site that didn’t have proper credit and they assured me that this wouldn’t happen to me and I’m sure, anyone else’s site again! I really appreciate that they repaired the damage and resolved all my issues however I am still annoyed to have gone through all this unnecessary aggravation and I don’t blame KpopStarz but the user who was in the wrong. Non the less, I’m grateful that they were able to make things right! Thank you to KpopStarz for your support and help! This truly is an awesome site! Look forward to another post about them soon!

I would like to thank all of my readers for your support and all your help! You guys are awesome! I asked you to help get the word out and comment and you did and for that I am truly happy! I was actually considering shutting down my site because of this but i know now that I have people who actually care about what I’m doing here and that really warms my heart…so Kamsamnida ღ!!



14 thoughts on “[Site News] Thank You to all My Friends & Readers

    • YUP! I still can’t believe this person did that! I just saw that yesterday! I left comments on all my posts asking them to remove my posts or link back but no response! I’m still so upset! I asked my readers to comment too and let this person know that is not cool!

  1. oh~this is the first time i’ve heard of this site…is it a new site? most of the cnblue post there don’t have credits too. . .

    • I KNOW! there’s no admin or moderator info so it’s like ANYONE can post anything there and get away with it! All the articles in that section of the site are copy pasted from other sites! Even from cnbstorm!

    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate you and all the other friends I’ve made! You guys are the most supportive and special people…dare I say I love you guys!! Hehe *hides the teary eyes*

      Thank you for your help unnie!

  2. Is this for real? it’s completely ridiculous that come people think they can get away with this……. I’ll keep my eyes open after other of these shitheads! >_< but well…. you could also see it from a brighter side – this means that your site is gaining more popularity ❤

    • Thank you sweetie! Yeah I can’t understand the mentality of some people at all! I hope the same thing would happen to this person so they know what it feels like but that won’t happen because it seems this thief isn’t bright enough to have their own blog since they have to post other peoples shit in kpopstars site!

      I did look at it like my site is more popular but seriously, this is not flattery!

        • Tell me about it!!! All the same formatting and everything! The asshole changed the wording in some of the titles but when i looked at them, they were my posts!

          I wrote a letter to kpopstars site so I’m waiting to see if they respond! If you notice, I left some not so nice comments on each of the posts! I really wanted to go off but I tried to stay as professional as possible!! Ugh still so mad!! But I’m not going to let this stop me from posting things and keeping up my site!!! But yes, it’s huge fuckery to say the least!!

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