[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Jung Yonghwa’s 24th Birthday!!

This is the message I created to participate in CNBLUESTORM’s Jung Yonghwa Birthday Project for our favorite awesome Leader, Jung Yonghwa! It was so difficult trying to find the right words to say that wouldn’t be too difficult for him to read and I didn’t want to sound like the typical fan-girl because I’m really not just a typical fan. I truly respect him for the person he is, it would be an honor to meet him and get to know him as a person but all we can do as fans, is try to get to know CNBLUE by reading articles and interviews.

From what I have seen, Yonghwa seems to be a very loving and caring and thoughtful person, a dedicated leader of his band, a person his juniors can rely on for support, and a truly talented musician who has been noted for his compositions and song writing abilities. I am so proud of the man Jung Yonghwa has become and is still growing into as everyone has room for improvement and growth!

**Yonghwa-sshi, thank you so much for being who you are and never changing! Thank you for giving your fans, and myself, a way to get to know you and your emotions through your music. Your wonderfully awesome music that I can’t get enough of, that plays on my iPod and on my computer every chance I get, that makes me want to cry because of the lyrics and your sweet voice on the track! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for your fans! Please continue for as long as you are happy and I pray you want to make music until you are old and grey! I hope that you enjoy your special day and have many more special birthdays ahead. I love you so much!**


The Beautiful BOICE at CNBLUESTORM put together the really awesome birthday project I linked above but now we have an update and proof of their hard work! All the loving messages collected from all the fans who submitted them are all displayed on poster boards which is the project I participated in called, “Wall of Wishes for Jung YongHwa“. Please visit CNBLUESTORM to see all the projects and items put together for our Emotional Leader’s Birthday! The admins and staff worked so hard on compiling quotes from Yonghwa‘s interviews, pictures, and song lyrics which I truly enjoyed. Each of them also provided their own gifts to Yonghwa as well! Click the link to see the pictures taken of all the items they sent to him and to leave a comment!

  ღღ Please visit CNBLUESTORM for more info and pictures ღღ


Posted by Mari @ Colormecnblue

Images edited by Mari @colormecnblue & lechedulce.tumblr.com


10 thoughts on “[Site News] Let’s Celebrate Jung Yonghwa’s 24th Birthday!!

  1. Happy 24th Birthday Yonghwa! You have more birthday’s to come, good health and more success in your career. I love you oppa!

  2. Happy Birthday YongHwa ♥
    Your music give me much power !
    When I sad or have much pressure , just listen to your music,I can have much energy !
    Keep going ! Fighting ~ CNBLUE !!!!
    Boice will always love you ♥♥♥

    • Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was going for when I chose those particular images to work with, thank you for noticing that! Yes, he’s so very Emotional and so am I when I look at him hehe! Thanks for your comment!!

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