[News] 120614 Details Revealed for CNBLUE’s New Japan Single, ‘Come On’

CNBLUE is getting ready to promote in Japan once again with their upcoming 3rd major Japanese single release, “Come On,” on August 1st.

The popular Korean male band released their 2nd major Japanese single this February, “Where You Are,” making them the first foreign band in 41 years to hit #1 on the Oricon weekly charts after selling 60,000 copies of the single on its first week.

The album is the third single after the band made their official debut in Japan last September. The album will include four songs, including the title song “Come On,” the instrumental version of the title song, and the two songs with no titles yet. “Come On” will be available in 3 different editions, with the Limited Edition being the only version to have a DVD and behind the scene footage included in it. It will also include a music video for the title song “Come On” and a behind the scene film for the video.

CNBLUE’s small pictorial booklet will also be included in the limited edition. Two other available versions of the album will album will also be released including a Lawson album version which will include 5 calendar cards of the group and a Regular album.

Alright so now we have just a few more details regarding the new 3rd single ‘Come On’ which again will be available for sale on August 1st. For those who cannot wait till then to make your purchase or want to get your hands on the very limited LE version, you can pre-order the single on several different websites including YESASIA and HMV Japan.

I’m feeling soo overwhelmed though because of all the releases and really awesome MUST HAVE merchandise FNC is throwing in BOICE faces! For those of you who do not know about them, there’s the MTV Unplugged DVD out on June 27th, then there’s Live Magazine Vol. 7 out on July 11th, and then now we have ‘Come On‘ just a few weeks later!! And of course we all want the LE versions which are more expensive than the regular versions but come with way cool stuff that makes you want to have it! UGH life isn’t fair! I know there’s a way to get it all, we just have to be thrifty fan-girls don’t we! Even if we have to pick and choose what’s the most important buy, we just have to! LOL, I just remembered CNBLUE are also going to be releasing another Korean album by October too...FML!

Source: cnblue.jp, En.Korea, allKPOP


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