[Pic | Trans] New Oricon Blog Update by ‘Emotional’ Jung Yonghwa

This is YH.

Hello everyone~

This is Yonghwa.

Lately, I’ve helped rookie JUNIEL’s activity in Korea.

JUNIEL sings well and she’s very cute, right.

Although it was short, I had fun as it was after an interval.

And, MinHyuk and JongHyun are shooting drama, so please support them

CNBLUE is going to release single in August in Japan, so everyone please look forward to it!

This has been Yonghwa.!!

I get super excited whenever CNBLUE post new selca and especially when it’s our gorgeous flower boy Jung Yonghwa…ugh he’s so cute! Again, I just can’t figure out how the hell he manages to take such cute selca, like he looks soo innocent and like a little boy but somehow I get the feeling its mostly an act! LOL!

*Yonghwa-sshi, are you really trying to make us believe that you are really this cutesy?? Come one! I know deep down inside, there’s a bad boy waiting to come out isn’t there….mmm I would love to see it one day! **pervy Noona waits patiently**  haha. Until then, thank for the pictures and keep them coming!! Love you lots!!*

Source: CNBLUE Oricon Blog
Trans: Nao @cnbluestorm


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