[Vid |Caps| DL] 120612 Lee Jonghyun Cuts @ A Gentleman’s Dignity Ep 5 & 6

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OMG, so this weekend I finally set aside some time to just veg out on the couch in front of the TV with my popcorn so I can watch ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity‘ and I have to say that I LOVED IT! I only got to see the first four episodes because that’s all the had available on Dramafever…yah I know I can watch it on other sites but my add blocker works awesomely with the Dramafever site so I never get any ad interruptions! I’ve got an HD TV so I can just use an HDMI cord to connect my laptop to my flat screen and Viola, I get to see Lee Jonghyun and the rest of the cast in HD on my telly!! YAY!

I really am pleasantly surprised at how well written the dialogue and the story is and it’s so cool how they are slowly integrating ‘Colin‘ into the show to make viewers wonder even more about who the hell he is and what role he has to play in all the current relationship drama. Kudos to the writers of this drama! And another set of Kudos to the actors, they are so good! I’m really in love with this show so far and I just can’t wait to see what else happens.

Has anyone else been watching too? DON’T Give me any spoilers haha!

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 Source:  @gogox2, Mari @ colormecnblue

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