[News] CNBLUE To Release 3rd Major Japanese Single, ‘Come On’ August 1st

「Come On」
Release date: Aug 1, 2012


1. Come on
Plus Two more tracks (TBD)

Limited Edition

* “Come on” PV and Making video DVD
* First press exclusive deluxe photo book

WPZL-30421/2 ¥2,520 (w/ tax) about $27 USD

Lawson version

* 5 calendar cards

WPCL-11178 ¥1,470 (w/ tax) about $19 USD

Normal version

WPCL-11179 ¥1,260 (w/ tax) about $16 USD

**Click the Title’s for amazon.jp links**

[Purchase of First Press Limited version + LAWSON Limited version/Regular version (first press) to get purchase special]
☆Present:「Come on」Original book cover (dust jacket)

OMFG! I am sooo happy to hear this news since we already knew that they were going to release another Japanese album this summer and we also know that by October, they should be releasing another album in Korea! But damn, doesn’t it seem like CNBLUE and FNC are really trying hard to make us BOICE freaking broke!! JEEEEZZ, I know my pockets are going to need crutches by the end of the year and then there’s Christmas!! *sigh*

Either way, new music is AWESOME NEWS! So let’s all cheer! YAY!

Source:  @fncmusicjapan, cnblue.jp

Translated from CN by @kof1, twitlonger


17 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE To Release 3rd Major Japanese Single, ‘Come On’ August 1st

  1. Yesssssssss and nooooooooooooo!!! I can see the hole in my pocket getting bigger. Omg~ But thank goodness it’s going to be out only in August. I think if you ask me to get it now, I may have to go rob a bank. HAHAHA!xD

    • Hahha my sentiments exactly!! I’m already plotting to rob a bank and possibly do some drive by pick pocketing to get the money!! LOL.

      JK to those who think I would really rob a bank! Maybe I’ll start small and rob a KFC instead haha

  2. *le there goes my savings* I might need a second job for my fnc merchs HAHAHA loljk dayumm they’re robbing our wallets hahaha but this is GOOD NEWS!! can’t wait for the songs + PV 😉

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