[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE @ Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary #24 – 充電 (Charge) July 2012



Time flies fast, to conclude, it is been 2 years.

Them (CNBLUE) who have extreme popularity also spend their busy days in Korea but to “CHARGE” is sometimes

necessary. In order to accumulate strength to take one big step forward.


Jonghyun – “Guitar and Travel”

For me the best to charge is the guitar and travel. Without anything to worry about, by just playing the guitar it makes me feel happy and it’s the very same meaning walking freely on a trip and that is one way to charge oneself.


Jungshin – “A person who stand by me”

At times I imagine things like this. If, when the work is hard, and or the heart and body get tired, can’t human too charge like a machine….. For me, it’s something I wonder what thing (matter) plays the role of a charger. Just I thought a little. Probably, it’s someone who believes in me, a person who always stand by me.


Minhyuk – “To Sleep”

As for me, charge = to sleep!

When it’s a day off, I keep in mind to charge physical strength by taking more sleep as much as possible.


Yonghwa – “Workout/Exercise”

When doing workouts/exercise I felt like my body is fully charged. That’s why lately I get hooked on different kinds of exercise.

Such a sweet and too short episode of the Sensibility Dictionary series. I really like their candid and honest answers, especially Jungshin’s. In his answer, he pondered on a possible way that perhaps a human and charge oneself like a battery, GAWD I wish that were possible sometimes because I seem to run out of energy and it would be so cool to pretty much plug myself in and get recharged! The fact that he said he could be charged with someone’s belief in him really touched me. I believe in the ability and the act of the transferring of energy and that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen. Maybe if I will it, I can send energy to these guys so they can strive on to working hard for us BOICE! It just made me realize how much they really do need us, their fans!

LOL, I don’t know, did get too deep into it or is there someone else that can relate to what I said? Let me know!

Source: Pati-Pati Mag July 2012
Scans and Trans: cnbluefanfun

14 thoughts on “[Scan | Trans] CNBLUE @ Pati Pati Sensibility Dictionary #24 – 充電 (Charge) July 2012

  1. YongHwa, stop that muscle building project…!
    JongHyun, let’s go..love!
    MinHyuk, should I pat you to sleep,baby ? ^_^
    JungShin, i will stand by you …but can you tell me,what is your hair colour? :p*giggles

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