**Updated w/Eng Subs**[News | DL] 120607 Kang Minhyuk Shared His Secrets On Happy Together S3 Ep 252

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CNBLUE‘s Kang Minhyuk shared a surprising secret about his bandmates and brought laughter to viewers as he confessed that he has an insecurity about his behind.

Drummer Minhyuk who is also receiving attention for his role in ‘You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly‘ recently guest-featured on June 7th, Minhyuk guest starred on KBS‘ ‘Happy Together 3‘ which featured stars from the drama, and remarked, “There is a reason why CNBLUE is a rock band, instead of being a dance group.”

“It’s because we all can’t dance,” he admitted. “So I’ve actually never been to a club in my entire life, but I went recently to shoot a scene for the drama.”

“When the members and I get together, we just enjoy a few beverages, but we never go to clubs,” he continued.

The other guests then asked why he wasn’t dating, and Minhyuk answered, “I want to, but I can’t.”

The drummer also revealed that during his school days, he never had the experience of receiving any gifts or chocolates from girls on Valentine’s Day.

Minhyuk also discussed his insecurity by sharing, “I get a lot of stress for not having much of a butt.”

He added, “When I sit on people’s laps, they tell me not to because it hurts.”

The episode humored the viewers when Minhyuk proceeded to demonstrate by sitting on the laps of some of the MCs and other guests on the show, who started screaming as soon as he sat down.

LQ Video w/ ENG SUBS by Jess @cnblue4u.com

I don’t think CNBLUE not being good at dancing really is a big secret at all so it wasn’t surprising to me when Minhyuk disclosed that bit of information. Any CNBLUE fan would already know this to be a fact lol! All you have to do is watch them in concert or especially when they are on a variety show to see that! Besides that, I’m so glad Kang Minhyuk got a chance to appear on this show and I’m also glad he’s getting well deserved attention for his acting, he’s awesome! Enjoy the download, I’ll post the English Subbed version if and when it becomes available.

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Source: StarNews via Nate, allkpop (2), @susiayh,

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