[News |Vid|Pic| DL] CNBLUE’s Olive Young Campaign Goodies

CNBLUE’s leader Jung YongHwa transformed into a trendy young male on a recent advertisement.

Jung Yong Hwa appeared on cable TV On Style’s “Challenge! Super Model Korea 2” with the top 3 super models Jin Jung Sun, Park Seul Ki and Lee Jenny for CJ Olive Young’s advertisement.

The still shots of the advertisement reveal Jung YongHwa as a trendy, fashionable guy who attracts the attention and love of many female fans. With a refined air about him, Jung YongHwa takes on the role of a beauty stylist in the powder room who helps beautify women.

The staff from the advertisement’s production set stated, “Viewers will be able to see Jung Yong Hwa’s other charismatic sides via the polished style of the powder room and the diverse backdrops employed on set. In particular, viewers will be able to see on this CF individual members of CN Blue on one screen after finishing up their latest album promotions.”

The CJ Olive Young Chief of Marketing, Han Eun Young stated “In order to gain wide brand recognition for CJ Olive Young, we decided to promote a beauty and health theme. We hoped to accomplish this by selecting CNBLUE’s Jung YongHwa to represent that robust, healthy and beautiful image.”


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This post is crazy packed with content so I hope you enjoy it! I just wanted to make sure all the bases were covered and I got all the things i had collected to you the quickest so here is all the stuff all in one post! Hehe

Olive Young is a cosmetics/beauty health store founded in 1999, that sells all kinds of brands and products, similar to Sephora. I get so excited to see our CNBLUE guys whenever they have a new product promotion or campaign especially this one because I feel they are being portrayed in such a manly light! The dapper suits, perfectly styled hair, manly charisma and body language…all spell HAWT & MANLY CNBLUE! They might be promoting skincare and makeup products for the most part but they do it so well! The CFs show a funny and play Yonghwa helping the girls prepare themselves with sprays and lotions and is very cute! I would love a BF like that who would care for me that way, very nice concept! However there are some really funny moments such as when Yonghwa prances into the bathroom to find a girl laying a bathtub and he casually pours some bath soap into her water and then prances away again…so weird but very entertaining to say the least!  *Yonghwa, you can come and lather my bathwater anytime you want to…LOL*

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Source: FB@CJOLIVEYOUNG, , soompi, @_mamori

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