[News] Is Lee ‘Burning’ Jonghyun Really A ‘Cold Busan Man’ or Just Misunderstood

Is Lee ‘Burning’ Jonghyun trying to stand up to his given ‘Code Name’ by being too hot to get next to or are people just being too sensitive? Seems like some fans seem to think of Lee Jonghyun as being unapproachable, stand-offish, and having cold attitude at times when in public. I’ve been haunted by this topic for awhile now since I became a bigger fan of CNBLUE. Of course as a fan you read articles, member biographies, and fan accounts of meetings with the band and then you watch all the videos you find online and interviews just to get to know them better and learn as much as you can about them. After awhile, you get to know the public personalities of your subject of focus. I have learned a lot about these guys by paying attention to their mannerisms and how they seem to react to one another and deal with their fame.

Let me start by saying that not everyone is the same! All celebrities are not nice people just because they ‘play one one TV‘. Some celebs and Idols are just real bitches or assh*les like or not and some are really sweet! Who is to say they don’t have a right to be who and how they want to be? Now, I’m not saying that Jonghyun is guilty of being bitchy but I’m just trying to a point.

With that being said, I would like to investigate the reason why Jonghyun is being singled out as being a ‘meany‘. Recently, a Burning Souls tumblr site, CBJONGHYUN answered a question submitted by a fan asking why he seems to be a ‘meany‘. Here’s the answer they gave back:

I already get used to this “expensive man” “cold city guy” « his nickname jonghyun is a really simple man who start off in this music industry as a very conservative musician with strong principle

he is not meany … just he don’t understand what is fanservice

for him …doing the best on stage is enough … but some of us already got this “kpop fangirl mindset” …they want more interaction offstage

his life is just his music n his guitar …you can see his big smile when he’s on stage and i guess you know the story that he got warning from FNC president for his carelessness in fashion even tho he is an idol

“Jonghyun, I know you like music only and are not interested in clothes at all. But let’s keep (your lack of interest in fashion) to the minimum level.” -President

and how he go completely MIA when YH n MH busy with heartstrings … no news, no tweet, nothing  … and i guess someone knock his head off and he finally tweet a photo of MEAT and said i’m living n eating well now. then he go back to his hiding place at alien spaceship again

he changed a lot since debut, he buy clothes now and he do tweet selca!

did i sound like defensive fan?? i hope not hahahah,this is just my opinion^^

The answer has some valid points and bits of information i didn’t even know like the fact that he was warned about his careless style of dress because over the last year and a half or so, he seems to have stepped up his casual style when in public!

As far as his ‘fan-service’ or lack there of (according to some witnesses), I understand his non involvement. We have to face facts, Lee Jonghyun is not cut from the same cloth as other Idols! In fact, he doesn’t consider himself, nor the rest of the band consider themselves typical Idols!

Here are some ‘Burning’ Quotes:

“Actually I was very conservative. I believed musicians must do music only.
But in these day, practically all people are open minded. I was too closed minded.
So now, I have intention of doing some side jobs if I get chance.”

“Recently I’m very busy, I could not even consider myself to think about

this thing called travelling.

But sometimes, I do have a thought to take on a holiday to rest for a while.

Walking along the rail where no one walks, this is currently the hard journey I’m on.

Sometimes there is a feeling like wanting to escape…

Sometimes even while traveling; we need the time to think of various things.

Now whether I’m on the right path or not, that’s the question I can only ask

and answer by myself while I’m on this journey.”

“So what if we’re called an idol band? The four of us will be a band together for 2,30 years,

so it’s not that important what we’re called.”

Could it just be that this is just how his personality is? To me Jonghyun seems to have an indifferent, laid back, introverted type of personality. I like that he’s a bit seemingly cold at times and that he doesn’t jump up at every chance to perform fan-service because when he does commit to fan-service, it makes that act that much more special! Maybe someone needs to be different from the norm right? I have noticed his lack of ‘fan attention’ at times while in concert. While Yonghwa seems to make more of an effort to reach out and grab fans’ hands or point or smile at them, Jonghyun takes a more reserved approach by just launching the occasional guitar pic into the crowd and then at the end he takes off rings or his towel and even most recently as seen at Live Magazine Vol. 7, he takes off his jacket and throws it into the audience and that’s pretty much it! This is his charm, being a cool city man from Busan, a bad boy type who likes pretty girls yet can’t be bothered to deal with them so he’d rather be alone with his trusty guitar which BTW, doesn’t talk back or argue or need things except for the loving attention it craves from his strong, manly hands.

The video above shows just what I’m talking about! Lee Jonghyun seems to be in a bad mood or just would rather be somewhere else according to his body language and the look on his face. I think it’s totally funny! He makes me wonder about him, what he’s thinking about or what he’s going through. You can’t blame him for just not caring or acting as such. No one is totally bubbly happy all the time and if they are, they there’s something wrong in my opinion. Is it a crime to not be excited easily or as in his case, give a shit about every little thing even if it is a video message to his fans! He was probably feeling like he wanted to be alone and obviously, that’s a luxury even this boy can’t afford.

I honestly feel bad for him and the rest of the band, heck even for all Idols and celebrities alike. They are constantly misjudged, or misunderstood or just judged period when sometimes all they want to do is focus on their work or be alone and deal with other things when they feel like it but they can’t. They have to put on a happy face at all times, and sign autographs or take pictures with or for needy fans, never show their real emotion or speak too honestly because they may be perceived as an actual human being who may just be tired and feeling overworked or depressed at the moment or just having a bad day instead of this perfect, always put together, beautiful ‘Robot‘ the public really wants to believe they are.

I happen to think and want to believe that our Burning boy Lee Jonghyun is just poorly misunderstood! To me, I see a hard working and very good looking young man who is determined to be a successful musician first and being popular is last on his list. I see a man who is dedicated to his work and wanting to grow his skills to make others proud of him, including himself. I see a guy who is content being in the background and not having to be the one with all the attention, he’s OK with letting others have the limelight because he shines in his own way. I see someone who loves his fans so greatly that he practices all day and night to improve himself just so he can perform a perfect show for them. I see someone who tries really hard to fight the urges to lock himself in his room of solidarity in order to keep his fans and his management happy by staying in the public eye! When I look at Lee Jonghyun, I see a normal guy who just happens to have one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen, and I love him for that! He’s our Lee Jonghyun of CNBLUE and we have to accept him for who and what he is, just Lee Jonghyun!

**Special thanks to Lely **
Source: Credit Article by Mari @colormecnblue, Credit Images as labled, cnbjonghyun

26 thoughts on “[News] Is Lee ‘Burning’ Jonghyun Really A ‘Cold Busan Man’ or Just Misunderstood

  1. That was beautiful! ;^; Our Lee Jonghyun is definitely NOT a robot!! This article actually reminds me of a quote that I learned in school. “It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” Hopefully no one hates oppa! But I think if we are to consider ourselves true BOICE fans, we should love each CN Blue member for who they REALLY are ^^

    • The new song… Starlit Night! OMG! Okay, the English isn’t perfect, and I’d rather have had Kang Min Hyuk sing the English parts. But the sentiment is… Whoa… Lee Jong Hyun is living up to expectations! Pretty soon I expect his lyrics to be just as good as his boss (Love Follows the Rain). The acoustic guitar riffs on that one reminded me of the old Eric Clapton ones. I swear, if I didn’t hear the words and only played the guitar riffs from EC’s “Tears in Heaven” and side by side with Jong Hyun’s Starlit Night, I would think they’re on par. Not the same, but with the same master stroke of genius. Makes me want to learn how to play, dammit! Thanks a lot Lee Jong Hyun… One more thing to go on my bucket of things I want to do before I die… Play Starlit Night on a guitar…

  2. That’s his charm, I think. He’s human. And we see that. Besides, his voice and songs are very…fine scotch type…warm and smooth going down… I’m looking forward to seeing how far he reaches. I have a feeling there is more to the man than what is being made obvious.

    • Oh I know! He’s only just getting started in life & his career!! He’s got so much more to give the world, I’m praying we get to see all his talents, not just the few he’s decided to show! I love that guy.

  3. Oh! And seeing JH plays his guitar so passionately (you see it clearly in his face) while doing his riffs is fan service enough for. Its fun to enjoy the music in which the person singing it enjoying as well. More meaningful that way. Lol I can’t seem to stop 😛

  4. This is what I’ve been thinking while watching these boys! I watched both their performances in Korea and Japan and to be honest I like them in Japan more. They seem more laid back and not being too cautious w their performances. Not that it’s bad thing. I tend to enjoy it more like that. They’ve always been portrayed as a beautiful flower boy band in Korea and it makes me sad knowing they have A LOT MORE to show than just being pretty and giving fan-services. I wonder if some of the fan with idol mind-set ever appreciate their screamo (in which YH tend to do a lot these days and I’m seriously loving it) and their rocking images and songs. In some interviews the host seems to be shocked as well when CNB gave a powerful rock performances saying that ‘this is their true image’ (in YHY sketchbook if I’m not mistaken). These boys aren’t the usual pretty idol type. They are human being as well. In fact all idols are. They aren’t puppets to entertain fans 24/7. CNB make music. They live with music. They are true with their music. And seeing them practice all day and night to give us a great show is more than enough. Moreover with their new arrangement during concerts are the best. They make me head-banged and I used to only head-banged to Paramore and Avanged Sevenfold.

    P/S : Sorry for the long rant but it feels good to have someone who understands what you’re feeling. It’s okay if you don’t read this. Lol.

    • Dont worry about long messages or comments, I read them ALL so please dont be afraid to leave your opinion or just wanna spazz with me! I’m glad there are others who see CNBLUE the way I do, they are more than just a bunch of pretty faces and I think they definitely proved that in 2012 because they spread their talent all over the world!!

      I have a feeling that from this year and beyond, they are just going to keep climbing up to the top and we will be right behind that^^ Thank you <33

  5. If people want cutesy fanservice, they should probably just find it elsewhere. This isn’t Burger King; you don’t get to order your idol to specification, but people feel entitled, nonetheless. Some fans have the “I’m your fan, you owe me, Oppa!!” mentality, and I think that’s probably why they would be dissatisfied with certain facets of his personality. Unlike other idols, he smiles when he’s in the mood to, chats when he feels he has something to say, and will look like an unhappy camper when he’s… well, unhappy! Some see it as a charm point, but of course, you have the little teenybopper fans who don’t want to acknowledge the fact that their Oppa is—shock! horror!—an actual human being.

    By the way, it kind of pisses me off that he’s criticized for his fashion sense when he’s out and about on personal business. I don’t think it’s right for people to demand him to dress up when he obviously wants to feel and look comfortable, wtf. D:

    • See I think that’s the mindset of the average KPOP fan girl. They expect too much, expect that Oppa has to give them attention because he just has to and when he doesn’t for whatever reason, he’s not cool anymore! Fans can be so fickle and not understanding of the fact that idols are just people!

      Anyway, I am really starting to not give a shit about certain points of view and have formed my own idea of JH! He’s who is and I love him for that!

  6. He’s a human…what do we expect? , and this post remind me of his action during EDA festival in Taiwan last april..he act cold n rather aloof..not like the other 3 who excited to go around the big stage…many people commented badly about him…but do they know, why is he like that? ….( that’s the time when he’s sick after 40 degrees fever during music bank a day earlier)…people didn’t even notice how pale n tired his face is…(honestly, i am worried about him that time…as i saw his sick face on their twitter +video performance that show how hard he tried to endure while still have to do his task..T_T)

    • I know! I didnt even realize that was the same time! Poor baby! I was really worried about his too, when he performed on Music Bank, he couldn’t even sing live and they had to play the recording when he sang!

      Yet Yonghwa sang live and you could tell he was trying really hard to not show it! That’s how dedicated he is! Quite frankly, all the people who criticize him really don’t have room to talk because they just don’t know!

    • There’s a little known fact about JH. He gets nervous in new situations. He only mentions this fact in almost every interviews. He is resistant to change. He likes things cut and dried. Stick to the plan, don’t change it at the last minute. That was what led to that infamous incident where he decked Jung Shin. If you’re going to change the plan, give him loads of time to get used to it, to plan for it, to get comfortable with it.

  7. He just a very simple guy..in my opinion..neither he act cold or being meany. He is a guy with his own world ….always true to himself by expressing his real feeling through his action. He’s not typical celebrity (i guess he never consider himself one). Back in 2010, when i didn’t even know them that time..I saw him happily interact with his fans (shake hands n hug whoever asked).it shows that he’s real human who can be happy n moody from time to time just like us . to me its better to see someone who display their true feeling on their face rather than act nice but bitchy behind our back (if you watch videos of other celebs. you will understand what I mean).. ..i said this not because I like him…but this is my objective view.

        • I know! I remember that performance all too well! I truly felt sorry for him and wondered why he was even forced to perform if he had a fever and was too sick to even sing! FNC should take better care of their kids, don’t you think?

          • yup, they should. I cringed away that time…n cried. Entertainment industry is quite cruel in korea…very strict, like an army camp…no cellphones,no dating…the artistes just like puppets. Even their incomes go straight to their parents. haiish! no wonder suicide is trending in korea…(quite a few number korean celebrities committed suicide in past few years)

          • Omg, I’ll pray I don’t see that happen to our boys! That’s why I wanted to make this site, to show my love and support to these four men! I love them so much! And I know you do too!

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