[News |Vid| DL] 120607 Juniel Showcase Performance Cuts feat. Jung Yonghwa

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Singer-songwriter, Juniel (Choi Jun Hee) has already set her first record album, “My First June” in Kpop music on June 7th, as the singer made her debut in the showcase for 1st Korean album.
On June 7th, located at The Cube City in Seoul, Juniel delivered the concept as guitar-girl, as she captivated the audience with her cute image as well as unique vocal. She performed “Illa Illa” as well as her duet hit with CNBLUE member, Yonghwa for “Fool”. The singer’s appearance seemed to bring a different image to the show, as nowadays Kpop music is filled with dance and attractive girl groups, but Juniel came with her own unique taste. Being noticed as indie singer, Juniel has been showcasing her original image just when she performed in the street. Moreover, Juniel has learned so much from her label mates CNBLUE who also inspired Juniel’s music video “Illa Illa”.
In addition, Juniel who born in 1993, started her guitar lesson under FNC Academy since Junior High School. She decided to go to Japan in 2010 and have a debut album called, “Ready Go” in 2011, she continued her existence in Japan’s music industry by releasing her single albums, “Forever” in December 2011, and “Sakura” in February 2012, before she came back to debut in Korea.


Sorry this is so late, I really wanted to post this earlier but I’m trying to have a life aside from blogging to no avail lol!

OK so here are two performance videos chock full of Jung Yonghwa goodness and oh yeah, Juniel is there too! I like Juniel and all, I think she’s very talented and really cute but she’s not my primary focus so  I really hope that you Juniel fans can understand that and not get upset when I say things like….Juniel who? lol Sorry but as you can probably tell, this is a CNBLUE blog, not Juniel inspired so with that said, of course I’m going to focus on Yonghwa, DUH!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the clips as I was really excited to see them finally perform this song live!

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Source:  @CNGuitarFreakTVReport

7 thoughts on “[News |Vid| DL] 120607 Juniel Showcase Performance Cuts feat. Jung Yonghwa

  1. Juniel…Fighting!
    Yonghwa oppa is always support you
    Boice will support you too! ^^
    Thank you for showcase files

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