*Updated* Juniel – Illa Illa MV feat. Kang Minhyuk Plus HD Screen Caps

Start from 03:09

Minhyuk : “Excuse me..
I.. tomorrow, will be going abroad..
That’s why..(scratching head) I actually really…
like you..
By any chance….[the girl read MH’s lips: ‘I wonder if you like me too?’]
I don’t want to leave.“

Start 05:12

Illa : “That night..he just left like that..
I’ve never see him again..
(flashback to the day after Minhyuk left)
Even now I still, couldn’t forget you,,
(using sign language)

Me too…
to you..
love you… (I love you too)”

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HD Screen Caps

Let me start by saying that the production and styling of this video is utterly beautiful. The coloring seems to be the same ‘vintagey’ style that was used in the ‘Fool MV which seems to be a running theme. The song is beautiful, Juniel’s melodic voice compliments the musical composition and is definitely every easy to listen to. Kang Minhyuk is a wonderful addition to this MV and puts his new-found acting skills to great use playing the love interest of the lead female, Park Haseon. I’m not going to give any away anymore details from the storyline of the MV because it’s a must see. Even if you can’t understand the language, the emotions conveyed by the music and the video is easy to follow.

Click the title if you’d like to download Juniel’s ‘My First June‘, 1st Mini Album. I’m still waiting for lyric translations and will post more about that as soon as I get the info.

 **Please leave a comment if you download**


Screen Caps: Mari@colormecnblue


Trans: omonOona@cnbluestorm

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