[Pic | Trans] 120605 Lee Jonghyun Shares New Selca on Oricon

Long Time No See!!

Everyone, long time no see.
I’m JongHyun.
Now I’m working hard on drama as well!!
As I can see everyone on 16th after a long period
I’m very looking forward to it.
Let’s get excited together!!

Are these boys competing with each other to see how BOICE will react to their new selcas? A few days ago we got some wonderful shots Jungshin took while in LA. Then Yonghwa shares a selca of himself at gym after a workout and now Jonghyun posts one showing what seems like him working hard on new music! BTW, Is that a new guitar he’s working with too? I can’t help but notice he looks a bit skinnier than in recent months and his hair looks a bit shorter. Can’t say he looks pale because he always looks pale lol! I really hope he’s taking tare of himself since he was really sick not to long ago. Now all we need is a new post from Minhyuk so the member’s selcas will be complete!

Jonghyun-ssi, thank you for all your hard work and for always checking in with your BOICE! I hope you are taking care of yourself first and eating and sleeping properly! You have to stay healthy for us all…Please be well and hurry up and get more music done! Lee Jonghyun-ssi Fighting!

Source: CNBLUE’s Oricon Blog
Trans: Nao@cnbluestorm


26 thoughts on “[Pic | Trans] 120605 Lee Jonghyun Shares New Selca on Oricon

  1. It is 5 am..suddenly i don’t feel sleepy at all! see..our conversation keep going n i enjoy it…
    regarding Taurus n Aquarius..actually both belong from 2 complete opposite…but somehow they can fill each other holes..when other see both have nothing in common, n surprisingly they actually can be stunned by each other…

    By the way ,thank you for your time…n your post of my 1st crush in life! *Gosh! he is my younger brother’s age kekkekekeke

    • Hahah well my motto is ‘age is just a number’ so I don’t care about age if you find a person you’re compatible with! I would totally date a younger man in fact I prefer them… I’m not going to disclose my age but I’m in my early 30’s >,<"". All I can say is I don't look my age and I don't care If I did! Maybe one day I'll post my selca too!

      You're welcome but you don't have to thank me for posting Jonghyun pics! I may be a YONG girl but I love them all! Lol

      • LOL…

        Btw, I am at the entering of my big 3 too..no disclose tho..haha..same as you, they said i look waaaaay younger than my age if they see me in person……some friends even betting for that..LOL…
        n yes, age is just a number..n i decided to stay at 21 yrs old…^_^

        Jong Hyun nnie, can i keep you as a pet? @_@ ^_^v

    • Omg congratulations unnie! Haha I’m probably older than you but still call you Unnie cuz ur my CNBLUE SISTER lol! Ugh I know what you mean though! I used to be in LOVE with Tom Welling from Smallville for like 10 yrs and my then bf hated it haha
      I miss having a bf now though…I need a man sometimes lol

      • its ok..i like it..in fact in Singapore i have alot of korean friends n classmates ….the called me Unnie too,,,^_^
        Btw, i understand how you feel…..(hope u can find BF again) but, honestly I never had any crush before,(let alone celebs) because I am Aquarius who always analyzing people till every details n decide wether i want to get close or wether I choose to like them…except those who really special that i can connect from beginning…just like you ^_^….usually people from pisces n taurus who i can connect….all my best friend are from those 2….I found out recently…(i can’t believe,,that actually work that way) …may be because those 2 zodiacs who can understand my personality…(wondering what are these 4 boys zodiac?, because I like them very easily)

        • I’m glad we are getting closer hehe! How does your sign relate to Gemini which is what I am? I think Yonghwa and Minhyukie are cancer sign, Jonghyun is Taurus and I’m not sure what sign jungshin is but his bday is September 15. Do Korean follow the same Zodiac? I think they do >,<

          • Aquarius n gemini has similiar traits..n they can connect very well as both have mutual understanding as they have similiar mindset..as gemini usually conversionalist, which make it easier for aquarius to do conversations……i been observing about this for quite long time…i find it 50-80 % quite true..i wonder what is the connection about zodiac n someone’s life..(i need to find out)

            OMG! My Burning boy is Taurus…yay! Taurus is considered one of the most honest n understanding…awww…i am attreacted because your awkwardness n your honest attitude..sweetie..(congratulation to myself !) LoL

          • Cool, I haven’t really studied the Zodiac but I’ve always found it interesting how the signs relate! BTW, don’t you have to go to sleep?? Lol it must be like 5am now huh? It’s 5pm here

  2. No, it is styled…i saw the hair stylist did it before in one of the video…somewhere…frankly i love when his hair really messy (naturally)..he looks manly *giggle

    (watching him in a concert video..he’s in messy hair,sweaty and that face…when playing guitar @_@.).*hipnotized noona

  3. lalallallalallalalalallalaa….*arigatou playing at the background…(replayed more than 10x since 1 hr ago)
    JongHyun-nnie…I don’t like you hair….it makes you look like a toddler kekkekekke

    • LOL, a toddler?? Yeah I don’t like it much either but I don’t think it’s done! It looks like he woke up & just ran his fingers through it or something…I dunno. Wouldn’t you love to just run your fingers through it? Haha

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