[News] Jung Yonghwa Says No to Acting and Yes to Music…Just For Now

Jung Yonghwa, the front man for the band CNBLUE, has been increasing his popularity recently. With the successful wrap up of their promotions for “Ear Fun,” and the upcoming Japanese release of his last drama series “You’ve Fallen For Me (Heartstrings),” it seems like Jung Yonghwa could easily have his pick of dramas to act in while he fills his time between promotions.

However, this is the last thing that Yonghwa wants to do. Despite the fact that the other three members of the band are all taking part in the acting industry (drummer Kang Minhyuk is appearing in “My Husband’s Got a Family,” guitarist Lee Jonghyun is in “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” and bassist Lee Jungshin is currently taking acting lessons), Yonghwa wants to take some time to focus on his musical career, at least until the end of the year.

A representative from Yonghwa’s label (FNC Entertainment) stated, “Jung Yonghwa wants to make a name for himself as a musician more than as an actor. As well as taking part in the band’s new album, CNBLUE will be busy touring abroad this year.”

Outside of working on his music, Yonghwa has also tried his hand at producing music. Which helped to launch the career of Korean-Japanese singer Juniel in Korea.

The info in this article really isn’t NEW news at all to those of us who follow CNBLUE closely but it’s just a reminder for us of how serious Yonghwa is taking his musical career. The fact that he can sit back and let the other members, his brothers, shine in their acting side projects just puts how special he is in perspective. He’s stated in recent interviews how he views acting as an important accompaniment to creating music as you get to develop your emotions and project them in the music better. So we know he feels that acting is something he wants to do but the fact that he’s focusing on developing his musical talents is most exciting to me as a hardcore fan of CNBLUE. I cannot say enough how I cannot wait for more NEW music from CNBLUE. I know that whatever they release will have the flavor and proper color of their music as it should be. Their music is most unique and I will certainly enjoy whatever they put out!

Source: kireido via Koreaboo, Korea JoongAng Daily (1 and 2)

12 thoughts on “[News] Jung Yonghwa Says No to Acting and Yes to Music…Just For Now

  1. “CNBLUE will be busy touring abroad this year”
    I wish they will come to Thailand ><
    Thank you

    • With all the new music they have released recently and will release later in the year, I’m sure they will put together another tour to promote maybe by the beginning of 2013 and visit Thailand again like they did with LLTC and Bluestorm! Just give them sometime… They’ll visit again =]

  2. i like your site…. followed !!!

    yonghwa wants to be a true musician and make, produce music …
    there will be a japanese comeback
    then cnblue yonghwa composed/produced album will be out …in November
    can’t wait
    i expect it to be very good music …i really hope so

  3. Of course, dear..just that, some singers in asia have very similiar voice as JongHyun…of course his still special as he has one kind “tone” in his voice …it’s quite complicated to explain…just like colour chart…similiar yet different…^_^ (bt the way, i always listening to Arigatou before i sleep…keke)

  4. He’s excellent singer..his voice is..ummm…i couldn’t explain it with words…but whenever i heard his voice…my mood would turn into playful,romantic,cheeky ,fun…mmm..something like that..

        • I agree with how Yonghwa is a mood maker but I don’t think Jonghyun’s voice is common at all, just different from Yong! His voice is special too. It has a certain quality that I love too, he just doesn’t have the range and the Rock type of voice that Yonghwa has. Its different! That’s just my opinion though, thank you for your opinion too! =P

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