[Pic] 120225 CNBLUE @ MTV Unplugged Live Official

Bit Rate: 320kbps
File Size: 57 MB

**Album Artwork and Audio Ripped by Mari@colormecnblue/ Please DO NOT Re-post or Re-Upload**

Performance List:

  1. Let’s Go Crazy
  2. Now or Never
  3. Teardrops in the Rain
  4. In My Head
  5. The Way part 1 ~one time~

With all the talk about the MTV Unplugged DVD being released on June 27th, I got all excited and watched the performance again. I went to bed last night (or should I say this morning, I went to bed kind of late >,<)…I should say I fell asleep to this audio. Three songs really stuck out for me especially.

Firstly, hands down, this version of ‘In My Head‘ is the best FU*KING SONG EVER!! I had chills run up and down my spine the first time I watched them perform this song and I still get ‘the feels‘ whenever I hear/see it! It’s the range and quality of Yonghwa‘s throaty voice, and the smooth vulnerability of Jonghyun‘s voice, and hearing Minhyuk‘s soft voice on the hook and lets not forget the musical composition and unique arrangement of the guitar and the drum line! This song is pure magic to me.

The second song is ‘Teardrops in the Rain‘. Even though this song is usually performed acoustically, it sounds very different because of the calming intro and Jonghyun‘s velvety voice coupled with the melodic strumming of the guitar. We’ve heard Jonghyun sing this song at almost every concert CNBLUE has recorded but somehow, it just sounds so very new.

Lastly, I thought this softer version of ‘One Time‘ was perfect. Once the first note was played from the guitar, you can tell you’re in for a treat. I love this song when it’s normally performed because it’s one of the band’s Rockier sounding songs, especially when it was performed at the ‘Winter Tour ~Here In My Head~ concert. Here, it’s tempo is slowed down and the acoustic sound of the guitar, the drums, and Jungshin‘s bass riffs draw you into the power behind this song.

Of course all the songs performed are literally EAR FUN…not only is watching CNBLUE perform these songs a treat but to sit and close your eyes and just listen to the music through earphones, can cause dangerous EARGASMS for real!

Sorry for the long rant but I really just love this performance and I can’t wait to see the full event on DVD. I actually made the ‘album cover‘ above myself just for the audio rip of the video and I’m quite proud of it (LOL) and it’s included in the zipped file. This is actually the first audio ripped album I share with others so I hope you all get much enjoyment from this post and all it’s content as I do since it was put together with lots of love <33

Click Here to DL The Entire Performance of MTV Unplugged on DVD 

Click Here To DL The Entire Album CD of MTV Unplugged DVD ~Limited Edition~ Version

Source:  Mari @ ColorMeCNBLUE

19 thoughts on “[Pic] 120225 CNBLUE @ MTV Unplugged Live Official

    • Yeah I know what you mean but ‘feeling’ had not been released yet at the time of this recording! Remember that ‘Where you are’ mini album was released on 02/01/2012 and mtv unplugged was recorded in january!

      Well the new DVD coming out in january will have the special version of ‘feeling’ with YONG on keyboard!

  1. HI, i was wondering if you have the file still for the performance?
    I had downloaded it before…but i think i deleted it by accident T^T

  2. Pingback: *Request*[Album | DL] CNBLUE – BLUE STORM Concert Live Album 320kbps « Color Me CNBLUE

    • The files I posted don’t work? The .m2ts is a different type of .ts file I believe. If you have issues watching it, try to download VLC media player. It’s free! I hope this helps you!

  3. I want the audio too..i always feel like other people’s versions are better than mine hehe~i know i’m weird^^

    • LOL, you’re not weird but I hope it’s good enough! I made my own cuts of the performance so they may not be super perfect but I think it’s good lol! Hope you like it 0_o

      • Your cuts are okay. i like it 🙂 with bonus pic <3<3 nothing can go wrong with anything CNBLUE hehe.. I'm curious about other unplugged songs now, like Mr.kia and I Dont know Why 🙂

  4. DL your audio rip because of the cover even tho I already ripped them myself long ago hehe.. (0^ー^0)

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