[News] CNBLUE To Release Two New Albums Before Year’s End

Just a bit of Awesome news for you guys according to a news post on Daum:

FNC said,”Right after the ending of the ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ drama, CNBLUE will release a new Japanese album & have promotions in JapanΒ  for 2 months. Then after they perform their Japanese activity, they will reveal new album in Korea by November.”

This is SUPER exciting news don’t you think? Not only will there be new Japanese music but they are going to have another release and comeback in Korea too! And that’s on top of their ‘Where You Are‘ and ‘Ear Fun‘ releases, all in one year!! No telling if the albums are going to be full length, mini, or EP albums yet although I’m hoping they are full length because what can be better than getting two full albums from our favorite band, CNLBLUE! They are going to be SUPER busy though so I’m not looking forward to that. They really do get pretty over worked and it shows at times so I hope that FNC will go easy on the bookings. Not only will they have their personal promoting to do but the later part of the year is when the International Asian Music Festivals are held for the most part and then the Gayo Daejun Festivals at the end of the year. Which means that they really have to rest up and take it really easy until they really have to get back to work.

Recently, I’ve read that Yonghwa is back in Seoul after spending a seemingly relaxing two weeks in Busan with his family. However I’m sure workaholic ‘Yong’ has been working on new compositions and writing lyrics for their future albums! He’s even said that he has enough songs finished already to fill an album or two and I know that Jonghyun does too as he’s stated, he keeps all his self written and composed music on his iPad that he carries with him everywhere! I know the feeling, I can’t go anywhere without my iPod touch. It’s like my baby since I don’t have a hand phone at the moment.

BTW: Visit CNBLUE‘s Facebook page and congratulate them on their 1 Millionth Like! That’s definitely a milestone to celebrate!

That’s all the news I have for now, If I come across any other tidbits of info I’ll be sure to update it here so keep an eye out for news!

Source:Β  daum.net, trans: @CebuNuna


5 thoughts on “[News] CNBLUE To Release Two New Albums Before Year’s End

  1. In Japan they usually release single after single until they have enough songs to put into a full album, right?
    But anyway..new albums, new songs!!YAY!! I’m curious about their new music flavor after Ear Fun ^___^

    • That’s a good thought! We know their Japanese releases tend to have a Rockier feel so hopefully we get some hardcore rock from them this time! I loved the sound of Where You Are you know? Either way, new music is love! πŸ™‚

      On that note, I have to sleep now.. It’s soo late haha! Nitey night! Come back tomorrow so we can chat some more!!

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