[Site News] ❤❤ColorMeCNBLUE reached 10,000 Hits❤❤

Annong Beautiful BOICE,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all my visitors who have visited since I launched ColorMeCNBLUE less than a month ago! I recently published almost 140 posts and just today, the site counter reached over 10,000 hits! It’s only been three weeks and I never imagined this site would be this popular but I’m very grateful. Thank you to all my followers and frequently returning visitors. I always look forward to reading all the comments and replies to my posts! F-ortunecookie, miza3124, and Lely, you guys are my repeat offenders and I really appreciate your contributions! *if I left anyone out, let me know* I get to Fan-girl and let all my frustrations out and I’m glad there are others who actually know what I’m talking about LOL!

ღღღღ Komawoyo to everyone, Saranghaeyo ღღღღ



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