[Vid] CNBLUE ~Ear Fun~ Limited Edition LA Making DVD [Eng Subs]

**Attention: As a thank you to me, Please continue to seed file when your download is finished so others can download with faster speeds. Also, remember that I am located in the US so I only will seed during the day so please keep that in mind before you leave me a comment complaining about the DL speed! Thank you**


I personally ripped this ISO file from the DVD I got from the EAR FUN 3rd Mini Album Limited Edition, Jung Yonghwa version. In my broke pocketed state, I was able to pre-order this particular album because I just had to have it lol! I’m sure most BOICE have already seen this but I just found the English subs by CNBLUE4U so I figured to share it! I usually try to post the English subbed videos when I find them because even though you can enjoy the videos without knowing what they’re saying, it’s always better to know what is going on! This is definitely a MUST SEE for all CNBLUE fans! There are so many super cute moments like watching Jonghyun fawn over babies and Yonghwa‘s skinship with maknae Jungshin!

For the HQ scans of the photobook that came with this DVD, please click here!

**Click Image to DL/ Please leave a comment if you download**


Scans: Parishin
Subbed Video:
Source:Β  Mari @ColorMeCNBLUE


20 thoughts on “[Vid] CNBLUE ~Ear Fun~ Limited Edition LA Making DVD [Eng Subs]

  1. Bonjour Mari!
    Do you know where I can find the LA Making with english subtitles? The one you posted (subded by CNBLUE4U) doesn’t work anymore. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find it. But I’m sure that you know some secret Boice places to find all those treasures ;o).
    If you can’t find it, could you please fix your links for the download? I will watch it raw…
    Merci! Thanks!

    • There is no version for each of the members dear, just this one! Maybe I’d you search YouTube someone probably made a special MH cut but I ripped this myself from the DVD! I’ll reup the links if you’d.

  2. I was ordering this JongHyun edition..but sold out …the stores here sonly selling the regular one (black case), which actually i like..but,because of my darling boy..i will get the LE.*giggles

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