[News | Vid] Jung YongHwa and Suzy Choosen as King and Queen by Idols

For whom did idols vote as a king and queen?

On May 30 episode of MBC Every 1′s ‘Weekly Idol’ will unveil the Top 5 list of ‘King and Queen of University Festivals’.

In order to wrap up May, the month of festival, A pink, miss A, 4minute, SISTAR, B1A4, and U-Kiss participated in the survey. It is more interesting that the ranking showed off their popularity not only recognized as King and Queen of university festivals but also proved by idols. 

First of all, idols chose CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa topping him as a King in university as he attained the explosive support from female idols.

Gayun of 4minute and Dasom of SISTAR voted for Jung Yong Hwa as King of University because of his handsome look, vocal ability and thoughtful consideration for girls.

On the other hand male idols supported Suzy passionately. Suzy, who has become an icon of first love by appearing on the movie Introduction to Architecture, proved that she is the current “it girl” by topping a Queen.

Top 5 list of King and Queen chosen by idols will be air on MBC Every 1’s ‘Weekly Idol” at 6pm on 30th May.

Wow, I am so proud of my bias Jung Yonghwa who’s popularity seems to be booming this year! So far he’s been voted for Most Likely to Succeed as a Solo Artist, Most Superior Genes, and now this! *sends Yonghwa a virtual hug*

The fact that he has been chosen by his peers of other Idols is really important too I think because it shows that Idols who actually know him also can appreciate all his talents, not just his fans who admire him from afar.  He was voted for his: “handsome look, vocal ability and thoughtful consideration for girls.” which I think is super cool! I don’t really know much about Suzy since I don’t really follow missA or listen to their music much but I do think that when her and Yonghwa worked together on Invincible Youth (ep 22), they did have a sort of friendly chemistry. She’s super funny and seems laid back, plus I loved her puppy! lol

Source:  news.naver.com,
Trans: CebuNuna @cnbluestorm

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