[Project] Let’s Support CNBLUESTORM’s Jung Yonghwa Birthday Project

Our Yonghwa-ssi is going to be celebrating his special day soon, he will be turning 24th this year so we BOICE all have get together and show our love to him! The admins at CNLBUESTORM have put together an awesome project for us all to send our birthday wishes and artwork to our ‘Emotional’ Leader, Jung Yonghwa! For all of you non-artsy fans, Camille of CNBLUESTORM even made a couple of backgrounds you can use to write your messages on which you can find in the message below! Please read the information below and visit their site for more details.

I’m going to work on my letter to him ASAP because I tend to procrastinate sometimes. Since it’s for Yonghwa, I really want to make it perfect because he’s going to read it! Ohh that makes me nervous lol! I can’t imagine preparing him a letter and having him read it personally! That makes what I want to say even harder to write lol but I have to do it. If you guys make anything, let me know and I’ll post them on my site! Have fun!

For the letters, if you’re going to make a Handwritten letter. Please SCAN it or if you want something decorative you can use Photoshop. (if you know how to use hehe) Not so long but meaningful letters are much appreciated. Please leave a comment when you emailed me your letter.

As promised, I designed a photo where you can put your messages. [photo1] [photo2]

For questions, please contact me on Twitter so i can reply to you immediately. 

That’s all. Hoping for your Support Boices! Happy Writing =]

Camille & CebuNuna


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