[Pic] 120526 NEW Jung Yonghwa ‘Fool’ MV BTS

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Can I please just SPAZZ for a moment? OMFGAWD!! Why is he allowed to be this asfsdsgkhjal good looking?? I can’t imagine how it would feel to actually meet him and be around him because I know he surely doesn’t have a clue how attractive he is! He doesn’t even know! Because if he did, he wouldn’t make those faces or pose the way he does. And he definitely would never sing again, because he would know the affect he has on his fans and he would feel sorry for them! OK, *tries to compose herself* I’m good now, I had to vent for a second. I just think not only is he full of talents, of course, but Jung Yonghwa is one of the most sexy Idols there are and just my ideal man! LOL Am I getting crazy here or what? haha!

ღღღღ Yonghwa, I wish I could tell you how you make me feel when I see you…happiness is what you give me. Please keep making music ღღღღ

Source : CNBLUE Daum Cafe, cnbluethailand


15 thoughts on “[Pic] 120526 NEW Jung Yonghwa ‘Fool’ MV BTS

  1. WHY IS THIS EVEN LEGAL… *le sobs from all the perfection this man possesses. T___T I would love to brutally attack his arms when time comes hahahaha (another US concert please.. let it be on the EAST COAST this time so I wouldn’t have to drain my wallet for airfare tickets again lawl)

  2. But,one thing about CNBLUE..they just full fire….*really never have any of these crazy feeling when watching other bands even tho they are so good looking as well.. , i don’t know why..

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