[Pic] 120525 Kang Minhyuk Appearing in Juniel’s MV for “Illa Illa”

Ok, I smell something fishy going on here and I don’t think I like it. Now don’t get me wrong, while I like the idea of seeing Minhyuk as leading man in a video, I don’t really like the idea of it having to be in Juniel’s. I wasn’t going to say anything about this but it’s just too coincidental that first Yonghwa was featured with Juniel and now Minhyuk, or is it on purpose?

Does FNC Entertainment have any faith in Juniel’s capability of being a solo artist in Korea without having the help of her label mates? I’m not sure how her track record has been while debuting in Japan but I’m sure she has to have been somewhat successful otherwise she wouldn’t be having her debut in Korea now, right? Now, I can understand that Yonghwa was in her video. But I found it rather odd that Yonghwa was featured in the teaser for the MV for ‘Fool‘ and she wasn’t even there! Its HER MV teaser! Yet she wasn’t present which made me feel as if perhaps Yonghwa were being used as a marketing ploy to attract CNBLUE fans to whatever Juniel was doing. I have mixed feelings about him singing a duet with her on her first mini album but I can look past that fact because as a fan of Yonghwa and CNBLUE, I enjoy anything they do and I think that’s just what FNC hoped would happen!

i dont know, maybe I’m wrong but its the feeling I get. And OK, since Yonghwa wrote and produced the song and sang on it as well, its only natural that he’s in the MV as well but now we find out that Minhyuk is in her next MV which if I’m not mistaken will be her title track, ‘illa illa‘.  It just makes be feel as if FNC is using CNBLUE members to help sell her records and widen her fanbase with their fans as opposed to lettering her acquire her own. Why does it seem as if CNBLUE are pretty much being reduced to ‘eye candy’ to promote for FNC’s new artist!?

Like I said before, doesn’t FNC have any faith in Juniel to be able to bring her own fan base from her Japanese albums to her new endeavors? I sort of feel bad for the girl because I feel that while I don’t doubt she will be successful, her label has doubts about her saleability in Korea and that’s sad! She’s supposed to be a SOLO artist so let her be that and win fans on her own merit and not from her label mates CNBLUE!

That’s just my opinion about this, what you do readers think?

Source: @junielsg, @JUL_nuna

7 thoughts on “[Pic] 120525 Kang Minhyuk Appearing in Juniel’s MV for “Illa Illa”

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  3. DITTO! FNC is just bull… They’re using CNBLUE members to lure fangirls into Juniel’s songs. Ofcourse, for us boice it would be great seeing the boys being featured, but I feel so sad for Juniel’s fans. 😦 I think FNC wanted Juniel’s debut to be a big hit that’s why they try adding the “popular” ones on her MV. SMH… Plus, her debut’s on the 7th, which is FTIsland’s debut date too.. What is FNC trying to plot?? Seriously, they are soooo crazy!! I know for a fact that Juniel will be popular once she debuts because her songs are so soothing and eargasmic, so FNC should let Juniel prove her worth in the music industry 😦 *le sigh

    • Yes, I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking that way!! IDK, I love CNBLUE so much, it just feels like they’re being used, you know?? I guess we have to see how things play out!

      • THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re toying with us (boice) too… grrrrrrrrrrr! -_______- mehh hate them big time.

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