[Site News] Please Read Regarding Download Links…

Hello My Beautiful Boice,

I feel so blessed and happy that so many visitors are coming to my site that I literally launched 2 weeks ago. I have over 4,000 hits! *Sends you all a virtual hug and kiss*

I got a few responses asking me why I started to put passwords on some of my download links. All I really ask is that if you would like to download or even like something I’m posting, that you just leave a small comment just to say Thank You but I have noticed that my links are being downloaded and NO ONE is really leaving any comments! I just feel sort of bad about this because I really love to share and I really love running this site but when I don’t get any feedback or thank you’s, it makes me feel as if people just come to take and don’t want to give back! So I figured if I post original or rare content on the site, I will password protect it and only share the password with those who leave me a comment.

Another thing I would like to say is PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK MY LINKS. This means you cannot re-post the links I share. If you want to re-upload something you get from my site, PLEASE USE YOUR OWN FILE HOSTING LINKS! My good friend, Lovekpopcnblue got her Media Fire account suspended which means she lost ALL her files and I’m not sure what the reason was for that but it was of no fault of her own. Most of the time accounts get suspended because of miss-use of links and I don’t want that to happen to me too so please don’t share my links!

We all love CNBLUE and I noticed that there are really only just a few English sites that share media content like I do, so that’s the motivation for this site. I guess I shouldn’t complain because no one is making me share my content with you all but I really enjoy having all your visits and all I ask is that you comment just to let me know you appreciate what I’m doing. Thank you so much for visiting ❤


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