[Pic | Trans] 120516 Tweet Update from Lee ‘Joker’ Jungshin

A tweet was posted by @CNBLUE_4  today:

Yesterday in celebration of JongHyun hyung’s birthday, instead of cake, we bought sashimi from the mart and had a delicious meal at home. Indeed, sashimi has to be eaten with hot pepper paste with vinegar… I am joking keke Is everybody well? We are all very well!

어제는 종현이형 생일을 맞이하여 케익 대신 마트에서 광어회를 사서 집에서 맛있게 먹었습니다 역시 회는 초고추장 맛이죠…장난이구요ㅋㅋ잘지내고 계시죠? 저희 모두도 잘지내고 있습니다!

However, the member did not state who he was…

But the answer was revealed when he posted another tweet some minutes later:

Ah! Has everybody known..? About my mismatched eyelids.. I got to know from looking at this picture.. My left eye has gotten double eyelids.. No way~~~ Have a good day

아! 여러분은 아셨나요..? 제가 짝눈이라는거.. 전 이 사진보고 알았답니다.. 왼쪽눈에 쌍커풀이 생기고 있어요..안돼~~~좋은하루 되세요 pic.twitter.com/iiBarTD6

image tweeted by Jungshin @cnblue_4

HAHA, sorry but I find his lightheartedness and cheeky attitude so refreshing! Lee Jungshin has a sense of humor and the fact that he can make fun of himself, and his “double eyelids” just shows he has humility. I can imagine the trouble him and his hyung Yonghwa get into and the laughs they share together. I also love the expression on his face in the first pic. ❤

I’m so glad to hear that they just stayed in and had some time alone together at home with a nice dinner to celebrate Lee Jonghyun’s birthday yesterday. Sashimi…mmm, that sounds so yummy. It must be awesome to get sushi or sashimi from the mart and enjoy it at home with my family, however if I got mine from the market I doubt it would ever be good enough to eat lol!

Source: @CNBLUE_4 (1) & (2)
Translated by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm


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