[Pic | Trans] 120516 Kang Minhyuk’s Selca Update On Oricon Blog


5月15日はJong Hyunお兄さんの誕生日でした。お誕生日おめでとう!!5月15日はみんな一緒に楽しみました。


15th May!!!
Hello, I’m MinHyuk!Everyone, it’s a little late but…
15th May is JongHyun oniisan(hyun)’s birthday.

Happy Birthday!!

On 15th May, we all enjoyed together.
Lately JongHyun oniisan and I are working hard on drama filming.

Also, lately the first fan meeting in Korea ended with fun.
It really was a pleasant time.

There is a fan meeting in June too,
please wait!!!!

LOL, there goes the Sekwang “Me” pose again…these guys don’t ever get tired of it, its so funny! Kang Minhyuk never ceases to be adorably huggable in his selcas and this picture is no exception. Look at those puppy-dog eyes!!
He mentions another fan meeting in his Oricon blog update. Another Fan Meet? Ugh I’m so jealous! Now the Japanese BOICE are going to partake in all the fun that Korean BOICE just got to enjoy on May 5th. I hope they have fun since I get to live vicariously through the Asian fans. Wonder what else they have scheduled for June since we now know they have several events to attend in Japan in June. Hopefully their official calendar will be updated soon.
Trans:  T@cnbluestorm

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