[Pic | Trans] 120512 Boice Day Booklet: Through Kang Minhyuk’s POV

# 나 혼자 찰칵찰칵
직감 활동 때 한동안 카메라에 빠져있었어요.  그때는 참 사진 많이 찍었던 것 같아요.
뮤직뱅크 대기실에서도 찰칵!

#Me alone, clicking away
I was into cameras (taking pictures) for a period of time during the promotion for Intuition. It seems like I took a lot of photos during that time. I also clicked away in the waiting room of Music Bank!

# 형, 그래도 세광이가 최고예요.
드라마 촬영에 들어간 종현이 형.  언제나 손에서 대본을 놓지 않는 모습이 참 인상적입니다.
형, 그래도 세광이가 최고예요!!!!

#Hyung, even so, SeKwang’s the best.
JongHyun hyung who’s about to start filming for his drama. The image of him always having the script in his hands, not placing it down, is pretty impressive. Hyung, even so, SeKwang’s the best!!!!

# Best  Driver
인기가요 마지막 방송 때 대기실이에요.  어디선가 자동차 소품을 들고 온 용화 형과 종현이 형!!
형들은 지금 드라이브 중입니다.  빵빵!

#Best Driver
This is during our last broadcast on Inkigayo. YongHwa hyung and JongHyun hyung who went on the props car somewhere!! Hyungs are on a drive now. Bbang Bbang!

# Coffee  Mania
언제나 아이스 아메리카노를 마시는 용화 형!   형의 커피사랑은 팬 여러분들도 다 알고 계시죠?
저는 커피보단 유자차가 더 좋아요!

#Coffee Mania
YongHwa hyung who’s always drinking ice americano! All fans also know of hyung’s love for coffee right? I prefer citron tea over coffee!

# 늦은 밤 내방에서
어두운 방 안에 불빛 하나가 괜히 감수성을 불러일으키는 것 같아요.

#Late night, in my room
Gleaming light in dark room, for some reason it seems to create sensitivity.

This is part two of CNBLUE’s Memeber POV series, Minhyuk’s POV is very unique, dont you think? He has a way of capturing his hyung’s natural side like cutie Yonghwa sipping his iced cooffee. I like how confident he is about his acting, lookout Jonghyun! Speaking of Jonghyun, did you notice the expression on his face in the pic with Yonghwa in the prop car? LOL…Creepy Jonghyun face is what I like to call it.

Thank you to CNBLUESTORM for sharing the scans and translations!

Scans by: DC inside CNBLUE Gallery
Translation by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm


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