[Vid] 120407 CNBLUE – Hey You, Jung Yonghwa MC Cut @MBC Music Core

Translation :

Seohyun: Hello! The girl who loves music, MC Seohyun…
Yonghwa: Special MC Yonghwa…
Hyoyeon: and Hyoyeon!
Seohyun: Unnie, you people, why are you standing here?
Hyoyeon: Taeyeon and Tiffany had to leave for a little bit, so we are filling in for them. Everyone, treat us well!
Yonghwa: Being an MC with SNSD’s Hyoyeon and Seohyun, it really is an honor. Please take care of me.
Seohyun: Now that these two special people are standing with me, I think today will be a refreshing and fun Music Core. I’ve heard that there are even better stages set up today as well?
Hyoyeon: Stages you can only see on Show! Music Core.
[list of performers]
Seohyun: Then, should we start with TRITOP’s stage?
Yonghwa: “I’m a Bad Person”.


Yonghwa: I’m not sure what love is. What is love?
Seohyun: What? You’re lying.
Yonghwa: Next is C-REAL: “Joma Joma!”
Hyoyeon: Love is when you hurt as much as you learn.
Seohyun: Lee Tae Kwon’s heartbreaking confession.
Yonghwa: “All Out of Love”.


Seohyun: How should I confess my feelings to someone I love?
Yonghwa: In my opinion, handwritten letters should be the best. Do you remember how I wrote you a letter in a broadcast about two years ago?
Seohyun: I don’t remember so well, but wasn’t it because you were apologizing?
Yonghwa: Oh, you’re right. It’s all in the past.
Hyoyeon: Hey you guys, stop fighting. Then instead of 100 words, how about loving looks? I’m happy just thinking about it!
Seohyun: Shayne is singing – “Looking at You”!
Yonghwa: I see you.


Hyoyeon: Yonghwa, Seohyun. Do you know what the worst way to break up is? By texting.
Seohyun: How can someone just break up with a text? You shouldn’t do that!
Yonghwa: Maybe it was because he was too sorry to look at her in the face?
Hyoyeon: Yonghwa, you’ve broken up with a text before, right?
Seohyun: He has, he has.
Yonghwa: Of course not! When I break up, I do it like a gentleman.
Seohyun: Yes, yes…anyways, saying goodbye is always heartbreaking. LEDapple sings – “Sadness”.


Hyoyeon: breaking news! B2ST’s Yoseob and APINK’s Eunji are in a pink-colored scandal!
Yonghwa: Impossible!
Hyoyeon: I also want to be in a pink-colored love. Yonghwa, is there any way?
Yonghwa: Uhhh…Yoseob and Eunji’s scandal, check it out now!
Seohyun: “Love Day”!


Seohyun: What stages are prepared next?
Hyoyeon: The legends of pop, Shinhwa!
Yonghwa: Yes, and “goodbye darling, hey you…” CNBLUE’s fantastic stage is awaiting as well!
Seohyun: I’d like to see it quickly, but before then, the voices that fill our hearts – 2AM’s “You Also Like Me”.


Yonghwa: the criminal is among us. From now on, no one can take another step:
Seohyun: Who?
Yonghwa: the ones who’ve stolen the hearts of the girls, SHINee!
Seohyun: I’m already anticipating it. But it’s already time to say goodbye…
Hyoyeon: time is really quick. It was fun MC’ing together with you.
Seohyun: Me too.
Hyoyeon: And viewers, don’t forget – freeze the channel until the end!
Seohyun: Then shall we all say it together? The heart of Korea’s music…
Yonghwa: Show! Music Core…
Hyoyeon: until next week,
All: Show, show, show! Goodbye!

Four hot and talented men in leather pants! Yes it’s another freakishly hot performance of “Hey You”. For this show, we have the pleasure of the witty Jung Yonghwa guest co-hosting, stepping back into MC mode with his ex-wife (thankk GAWD it’s over) Seohyun and her Unnie and sweet funny girl, Hyoyeon! I don’t know if anyone else noticed it, but I sensed a bit of resentment or animosity on the part of Seohyun towards Yonghwa. Could she be bitter about something?? Hmmm I seem to think so but I guess we’ll never know for sure. Am I the only one who saw this?


**Click on Image for DL / Please leave a comment if you download**


Transcript: @MtnMadman

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