[Scan | Trans] 120510 CNBLUE @ Steady Magazine June 2012


[CNBLUE moment vol.4]

Dear, what were you thinking now?


(His head is filled with words of his drama)

It was decided for me to appear on a drama, so I’m nervous these days.
It’s my new challenge.
Acting is a kind of “art” same as music though,
acting is more difficult than music!
I’m thinking about… I wanna learn it from Yonghwa-hyung.
I don’t want to stand in the way of their progress on this drama,
so I’m practicing desperately.

Meanwhile, sometimes, music still comes to my mind.
I wanna practice guitar too.
I hope to have time more keenly.


Could you clean my room, anyone?

Our drama filming is continuous, so I have no time to clean my room.
I’m in trouble! (laugh)

When I’m home, I’m tired, room is dirty, I feel blue, right?
I wanna solve it.
But, I’m enjoying drama filming.
I’ll do my best same as musical activities.

Besides, sometimes I think “I wanna go to trip if I have time”.
But my work is fun now, so I’ll settle for it delusion only.


I was thinking I wanna go to pool at summer!
I remembered the time when I went to pool with my friends before.
I wonder if I can go there this summer?

Now I’m relieved that album recording is well done.
Well, Minhyuk and Jonghyun-hyung are busy for drama
so they can’t feel such peace of mind, though.

By the way, I’m interested in their acting!
After filming has ended, I wanna go eat samgyeobsal together!


I’m thinking I’ll choose pizza for dinner tonight (laugh)

I’m loving pizza (laugh).
We released mini album,
and then we spend busy time to record music program or live performance.
At meal time I can take a breath for a while, it’s my fun time.

By the way, our musical activities of Korea for the first time in about a year.
When we were making this album, I was thinking about this album only waking or sleeping.
But I’m happy we could finish it well.

Translation: ketch@cnbluestorm

Source: scanned by bluenabluena, cnbluestorm


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