[Scan | Trans] 120510 Boice Day Booklet: Through Lee JungShin’s POV

# 태양을 피하는 방법
바닷가의 뜨거운 태양!   태양을 향해 손짓하는 민혁이의 뒷모습이 왠지 멋있지 않나요?

#Ways to avoid the sun

The scorching sun by the sea!  Somehow, doesn’t the back view of MinHyuk, who’s gesturing facing the sun, really cool?

# 용화형, 거기서 뭐해요.
제가 사진 찍고 있을 때 갑자기 나타난 용화 형!
요즘 용화 형이 밀고 있는 “넝쿨재 굴러온 당신”  세광이의 제스처입니다.  저요!!!!

#YongHwa hyung, what are you doing there.
YongHwa hyung who suddenly appeared when I was taking a picture!
SeKwang-ie’s gesture in “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” which YongHwa hyung has been pushing lately. “Me!!!”

# 파파라치
저는 용화 형을 찍었는데, 용화 형은 저를 찍고 있었네요.
역시나 빠지지 않는 용화 형의  저요!!!!   그리고 종현이 형도 숨어있었네요!

I was taking a picture of YongHwa hyung, and he was taking a picture of me.
As expected, YongHwa hyung’s “Me!!!” was not left out. And JongHyun-ie hyung is also hiding (in the picture)!

# 드라마
대기실에서 드라마 시청 중인 종현이 형!!  드라마 감상 중인 걸까요? 배우들의 연기를 관창하는 걸까요?
아무튼  이어폰 끼고 집중하는 종현이 형!


JongHyun-ie hyung who’s watching drama in the waiting room!! Is he enjoying the drama? Is he observing the actors’ acting skills?
Anyway, that’s JongHyun-ie hyung, who’s focused and with earphones inserted!

# 다 잡아버리겠다!
사진 찍다가 포착된 민혁이 모습입니다.  제 한 손에 쏙 들어오는 앙증맞은 민혁이.

#Have to catch it all and throw it away!
This is a picture I took, with an image of to-be-captured MinHyuk-ie.
MinHyukie, who’s so little and adorable, and is able to fit into my hand.

I think the photos and the comments are so adorable, especially the CN-Ception with Yonghwa taking a picture of Jungshin taking a picture of him…confused yet? LOL. I enjoy seeing their candid side. They seem so down to earth and easy to be around, and they are so close with each other like brothers.  Thank you to CNBLUESTORM for sharing the scans and translations!

Scans by: DC inside CNBLUE Gallery
Translation by: chiffonlau@cnbluestorm


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