[Site News] What’s Going On…

Hey You Beautiful BOICE,

I really want to say THANK YOU,  Kamsahamnida, Gracias, Arigatou Gozaimasu! I just launched ColorMeCNBLUE just less than a week ago and I have already gotten over 500 visitors! I really appreciate all the traffic however I really need some feedback! I am particularly needy and would LOVE it if anyone who likes my site and my content to please leave me a reply.  Comment on the posts you like! Thank you once again for just dropping by ❤

On another note, I ‘m working on posting more content so make sure to sign up to follow me! I planning on posting all of CNBLUE‘s performances from their 2012 Ear Fun comeback including HD quality files of music shows and festival appearances and any related news report clips and events that I have collected.

Have a Request? Please visit the Requests page for more info on how you can submit  your special requests for earlier CNBLUE performances and other videos.

Emotional BOICE,



2 thoughts on “[Site News] What’s Going On…

  1. Hey gal! Sorry I haven’t replied to your emails. Been so busy with work recently that I barely have time for anything much.>< But I just wanna drop by to say that your site is awesome, keep up the great work! I hope I can write to you real soon.^^

    • Hey you!! Don’t worry about it, I know you’re a workaholic lol but I miss you though! And yay, thank you for liking my site I’m so glad, you were part of my inspiration! I hope to talk to you soon <333 *big Hugs*

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