[Pic | Trans] 120505 Minhyuk’s Message to Fans @ Boice Day Fan Meeting

Boice fans, all of you.

Our first fan meet has been over. How was it?

While we have been working a Great deal of activities, we can move forward with more Confidence because of your Love and concern.

Whenever I think of it, until we achieve thus much we could play music and everything happily. Thanks to all of boice!

We are so much thankful of you.

When we think that Boice will stay with us until we take a move for the future, we gain strength and aim to work harder.

I would really appreciate Boice who will stay in me all the time and to us, CNBLUE.

We will make more memories together in the Future.

CNBLUE, Boice hwaiting!


How touching is that? I just love how he appreciates and how much he seems to love his BOICE and we love him too!

Source: Photos: @i_am_joom (1) (2),

Trans: CebuNuna @cnbluestorm


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